Biotic resources are those obtained from the ______.
A) Water
B) Time
C) Biosphere
D) Wind

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Biotic resources are substances that are living things and from the woods and the materials obtained from them. This basically incorporates non-renewable energy sources like coal gas, oil, and so forth.

Complete step by step solution:
The expression "biotic" is framed by the blend of two terms, "bio" which means life, and "ic" which means like. In this way, the term implies life-like and is identified with all the living elements present in an environment.
Biotic variables identify with all the living things in the environment. Their quality and natural results influence the synthesis of a biological system. Biotic variables allude to all living creatures from creatures and people, to plants, organisms, and microbes. The communications between different biotic components are fundamental for the proliferation of every species and to satisfy basic prerequisites like food, and so forth. Instances of biotic assets incorporate all the living parts present in an environment. These incorporate makers, buyers, decomposers, and detritivores.
Biotic assets incorporate each lifeform in a biological system. These life forms depend on abiotic factors as they straightforwardly influence their development, endurance, and multiplication. For example, turbidity is an abiotic factor that significantly influences the oceanic environment. Elevated levels of turbidity hinder the development of lowered plants. This thus influences different species that rely on these plants for food or sanctuary. Hence
biotic resources are those obtained from the Biosphere.

Thus, option (C) is correct.

Biotic resources are otherwise called living resources. Biotic resources are viewed as sustainable resources. Plants are the main biotic resource as tea, coffee, food, medicines are obtained from plants.