Bandipur sanctuary is located in the state of _________.
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Uttar Pradesh
C) Karnataka
D) Madhya Pradesh

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A sanctuary refers to the refuge or nature reserve for wildlife away from human danger. The Bandipur Wildlife sanctuary was the private game reserve of the Mysore maharajas. It is now a biosphere reserve and Tiger protection site. Located at the south of the river Kabini, it is the largest forest covering 866 sq. km of land. It makes the largest protected forest in India.

Complete step by step solution:
The Bandipur wildlife sanctuary or known as Bandipur National Park is a forest reserve located in the southern state of India called Karnataka. It is one of the key efforts of India towards natural conservation. Maharaja Voodiyar created this beautiful forest reserve in the 1930s and was named Venugopal Wildlife Park. Later in 1941, the Bandipur Park expanded toward the southern edge in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
The entire area under Bandipur sanctuary now constitutes the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. it is the most extensive tract of protected forest in India. It was designated as a tiger reserve in 1973. Elephants, spotted deer and sambar, four-horned antelope, gaur, and flying squirrel, Nilgiri langur, and sloth bear make up the sizable population of wildlife in Bandipur.
The Royal Bengal tiger and leopard are found here in higher numbers than elsewhere. It is because the moisture regions in which they live fall under the protected core area of the sanctuary where no visitors are allowed.
The flora of the Bandipur consists of an abundance of teak on the periphery. Tracts of fragrant sandalwood and rosewood cover the moisture core protected area of the sanctuary.

Hence, from the above discussion, we can conclude that option C is correct.

The Bandipur National Park requires entry permits for the visitors that cost around 150 for foreigners. Karnataka is the second state with the highest tiger populations in India. It is one of the premier tiger reserves of India. Hence, its protection and importance should not be neglected.