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Ballari Siddamma participated in the convention of Congress party at ___ in 1938.
A) Shivapura
B) Belgaum
C) Madras
D) None

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Hint: In 1903, Ballari Siddamma was born into a traditional family in today's Haveri Dundasi Village District. Her father was very much involved in fighting for freedom. He used to carry newspapers and publications for Siddamma. These have led her to grow nationalist ideas.

Complete step by step solution:
She married another freedom fighter, Murugappa, and it became convenient for her to engage completely in the struggle for freedom. In 1938, she participated in the Congress party at Shivapura.
In the state of Mysore, she was the first woman to engage in hoisting the flag. Also in 1939, she took part in the Aranya Satyagraha of Chitradurga.
Some major achievements of Ballari Siddamma:
1) She was involved in 'Mysore Chalo' or 'Aramane Satyagraha' as well.
2) She developed 'Mathrumandir' to safeguard the health of rural women.
3) She became the Davangere MLA.
4) She was jailed for cutting wild date trees in the Davangere forests of Mayakowda and Anagond.
5) She took part in the Leave India Campaign as well.

She is connected with Sardar Veeranagouda Patil, K. F. Patil, S. Nijalingappa, Nagamma Patil, and T. Siddalingaiah which allowed her to expand her operations. Her first major public engagement was her participation in the unforgettable April 1938 session of the Shivapur Congress.
She advised the women to take to spinning and weaving. She made Khadi famous. She sought to dissuade young and old people from the practice of drinking.

Option A, Shivapur is the correct answer.

There were women like T.Siddalingaiah In the conflicting conditions between the organizers of the Shivapur case, Sunandamma, Yashodaramma Dasappa, Bellary Siddamma, and Subbamma Jois struck a serious nail. They said they were prepared to face the consequences and hoist the flag, leaving behind the men.