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At last, had come (P) she had been (Q) the moment (R) waiting for (S).
The correct sequence should be _____.

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Hint: While forming sentences we must keep in mind the general word order for the different types of sentences. This particular sentence might not follow the general word order of Subject-Verb-Object. The subject and the object can be preceded by adjectives, and the verb can be preceded by an adverb to add more meaning to a sentence.

Complete answer:
The sentence begins with ‘At last’, which is an adverb. Adverb shows how a verb has been done. The verb, in this case, is option (P) ‘had come’. Now we need to see what the subject is. The subject is ‘the moment’. Now we have, ‘At last, the moment had come.’

The remaining words are ‘she had been’ and ‘waiting for’. These words can be combined together to form an adjective phrase, i.e. an entire phrase that acts as an adjective. Thus, the phrase will be, ‘she had been waiting for’.

The adjective phrase is placed after the subject (the moment) because the adjective is describing the moment. Hence the adjective will be between the subject and the verb (had come) to make a meaningful sentence.

Hence, the correct sentence would be, ‘At last, the moment (R) she had been (Q) waiting for (S) had come (P)’.

Options (B) and (D) are misguiding, as they start the sentence with ‘she had been’ which might look like the subject of the sentence. But in reality, it is not. It is part of the adjective phrase. Option (C) on the
other hand starts with ‘waiting for’ which makes the sentence meaningless altogether.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (A) RQSP.

Note: Adjective phrases are phrases that work like adjectives and are generally used after the subject or the object (unlike adjectives, which are used before the subject or the object). Some other examples of adjective phrases are as follows;
- The cost of this dress is way too high.
- Someone smarter than me should be solving this case.
- This is the book that I was talking about.