Artificial system of classification was first used by?
A. Linnaeus
B. De Candolle
C. Theophrastus
D. Bentham and Hooker

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Hint: Artificial system of classification is created on non-evolutionary features and morphological characteristics of the organisms.
The Linnaeus classification system was based on artificial theory.

Complete answer:
A Swedish botanist in the 1700s, Carolus Linnaeus classified all living things based on an artificial theory. His classification i.e. The Linnaean system of classification consists of an order of grouping of organisms, and he named it as taxa.
He has established universally accepted conventions for naming of organisms which was his major achievement in the field of taxonomy, which is now known as Linnaean taxonomy, the system of scientific classification now widely used in various fields of biological sciences.

Additional information: At this early stage, Linnaeus formed the groundwork for much of his later work in a series of manuscripts.
Their publication, however, had to expect more-fortuitous circumstances.
In 1732 the Uppsala Academy of Sciences sent Linnaeus on a research journey to Lapland. After his return in the autumn of that year, he gave private teachings in botany and mineral assaying.

Hence, the correct option is (A) Linnaeus

Note: The particular form of biological classification (taxonomy) set up by Carl Linnaeus, as given in Systema Naturae (1735). In the Linnaeus taxonomy, three kingdoms are divided into classes, further divided into orders, genera, and species.
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