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What are the major parts of plants?

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Plants are very essential living organisms on the earth, and they producers of the earth, and this plants are useful for humans and animals, they release oxygen as byproduct, where it is essential for all living organisms, and it provide food and shelter to animals, and they also have so many uses regarding the various fields.

Complete answer:
Plant comprises so many parts and have different functions, and the parts of the plants that appear above the ground are called a shoot system, while the parts of the plants that present underneath the soil are called a root system.

Important parts of the plant.
> Roots: This part of plant is present underneath ground, and they collectively called as root system, and this roots anchors the plant firmly into the soil, and the important function is transport water, minerals to the all parts of plants, and in the dicots, the roots grow long and present beneath soil, and for this there is development of secondary and tertiary roots. And in monocots primary roots are replaced by the large number of roots called adventitious roots.

> Stem: The part of the plant, that present above the soil is stem, and young stem are green in color and the old stem are brown in color are matured one, and this stem is a base of the shoot system, and it bears flowers, leaves and fruits, the region where leaf arises called nodes, and interviews, the stem has many functions, young stems participate in photosynthesis, and they provide support and protection, transport and storage, etc

> Leaves: leaves are part of plants, and it contains, petiole, lamina and they contains veins for the transport of food, because food is prepared in the leaves in the chlorophyll by a process called photosynthesis, and they surface contain guard cells, which contain stomata, that helps in transpiration and exchange of gases.

> Flowers: Flowers are the colorful parts of the plants, and they are the reproductive parts of the plants, and they contain sepals, petals, pistil, and stamen, and ovaries.

> Fruits: fruits are the important structures of the flowering plants, they are the mature ovaries which are formed after the fertilization, where as some fruits see formed without fertilization and this process of forming fruits is called parthenocarpy.

Note: Every part of the plant has its own function, where they all coordinate and work together and play a very important role in this ecosystem, this plants release oxygen used by all animals and food prepared by plants is also useful for many animals.