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What are the major causes of water pollution? Explain.

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint: Water pollution is the adverse result of the toxic elements and the contaminated substances which enter the water bodies such as ponds, streams, rivers etc. water pollution leads to many diseases such as typhoid, cholera etc.

Complete step by step solution:
Water is the basic requirement for the survival of living organisms on the planet. Around two-thirds of the earth is covered with water and less than one-third is covered with land. Polluted water is unhealthy for everyone. It affects the lives of animals, plants, humans because each one of us is dependent on water. There are mainly two causes of water pollution: natural causes and man-made causes.
-Natural causes: volcanic eruption is a major cause for water pollution, with large eruptions volcano spew out not only lava but also ash and gases. The effects of the ash which falls from volcanoes to the natural water increase the turbidity of water.
Animal waste that comes out from the dairy farm adds to water pollution. The faeces and the urine of birds also cause water pollution.
-Floods: most of us are not aware but flood also causes water pollution, as there are many particles present in the flooded water mix with river, ponds or lakes and pollute them.
-Man-made causes: chemicals released by the industries is a major source of water pollution.
-Sewage: the disposal of untreated sewage waste results in both air and water pollution. Disposal of sewage waste leads to many diseases such as diarrhoea etc.

Note: There are many other causes of water pollution such as the disposal of radioactive waste without proper treatment and the highway runoff etc. water pollution not only harms the aquatic ecosystem it also affects the groundwater.