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What are the causes that pollute rivers?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: There are many rivers in India. Most of the people depend on the rivers for the purpose of agriculture, fishing, and drinking. We also depend on rivers for transportation and also the production of energy.

Complete Answer:
Many towns and factories are built near the rivers such that they could use the water from the river. They utilized water and put it back into the river. This water is not cleaned properly, the chemicals and other unwanted substances would be added to the river which would pollute the river. The addition of unwanted substances to the environment is called pollution. Agriculture also causes river pollution. Farmers use fertilizers and pesticides on their crops which could be washed away by rain or the water and flows into the river which pollutes it. Industries also use river water and put it back without filtering and cleaning it properly which would also cause pollution. Usually, the water which is used for cooling is warmer than the temperature of the river water and they put it back into the river as the same. This is also a form of pollution. The washing of clothes and animals in the water also causes pollution. Throwing crisp packets, newspapers, and bags into the water also causes pollution. Spilling of oil, the addition of poisonous substances, can bottle and other solid objects to the river water causes it to be polluted.

Note: Polluted river water carries different types of diseases and as animals or we consume the water we get affected. The polluted river also smells bad. Even though many efforts are made to clean the polluted water, it’s our primary duty to take precautions and measures to protect rivers from being polluted.