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What are the 3 climate zones of the West Coast U.S.?

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: In the United States of America, there are a total of nine different climate zones. These climate zones are; Humid continental (warm summer), humid continental (cool summer), highland (alpine), tropical wet/dry season, mid-latitude desert, semi-arid steppe, humid subtropical, marine west-coast and Mediterranean.

Complete answer:
The 3 climate zones that are experienced in West Coast, United States are;
A) Marine West Coast – This region of the West Coast is known for its wet and humid air and the fact that it experiences only two seasons, i.e. summer and winter. Another characteristic of this climate zone is that it receives almost 150 days of rain in a year of 365 days. Both summers and winters are mild with temperatures rarely going above 20 degrees Celsius.
B) Mediterranean – This climate zone is called so because it is most commonly experienced in the Mediterranean Basin. It is characterized by warm and dry summers and mild, wet winters. This climate zone is found between the 30 degrees and 45 degree latitudes, which is a temperate region. It is a relatively dry zone as compared to the Marine West Coast.
C) Mid-latitude Desert – These deserts, like any other desert receive an annual rainfall of 25cm. These deserts are found on plateaus and are at a considerable distance from the ocean. This warm and hot semi-arid climate is seen in the south western region of the United States of America.

- The marine west coast climate is also seen in countries like Australia, New Zealand and South American countries.
- The rainfall in this weather is confined to the narrow coastal strips.
- Cities which experience the mid-latitude desert climate are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Yuma, Palm Springs etc.