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What are most of the known asteroids found in our Solar system ?

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: In our observable universe, especially the collection of all planets which revolve around the sun periodically having their own specific property and our habitable planet earth is also a part of this system and it’s known as the solar system. In our own solar system there are \[8\] planets revolving around the sun and our earth is the third in this sequence.

Complete answer:
Let us first understand what an asteroid is. In brief. As we know, due to gravitational attraction between the planets and the sun, planets move in roughly circular orbit around the sun and not only these planets, every object in the universe which are in contact with the gravitational field of the sun, they start to revolve around the sun.

There are some big rock sized objects which also revolve around the sun, sometimes these are called mini planets but with current modern astronomical definition these, rock sized mini planets revolving around the sun are called an asteroid. Some of the most known asteroids are found between Mars and Jupiter. The four largest sized asteroids are found namely Hygeia, Vesta Pallas and Ceres.

Note: It should be noted that there is an area between the planets mars and planet Jupiter where most known asteroids are found; this area is commonly known as an asteroid belt. Generally, the mass of all asteroids are just $4\% $ of the mass of earth’s moon. Hence, asteroids are of generally low mass as compared to that of mass of planets in our solar system.