Any heavenly body which revolves around a planet is called

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Hint: There are very few heavenly bodies that revolve around a planet. These heavenly bodies revolve around the planet due to the gravitational force of those heavenly bodies and even the gravitational force of planets. And these heavenly bodies are smaller as compared to the planet around which they are revolving.

Complete answer:
There are dust, frozen gases and rock that orbit around the Sun. These dust and gases come together to form cosmic snowballs like structures. These cosmic snowballs are called Comets. These bodies orbit around the Sun. Halley's Comet is an example of such bodies.
Stars are celestial bodies which have their own light and energy. It is made up of hot gas. It mostly contains hydrogen and helium gases. The nearest star to us is the Sun. Stars travel in their own separate orbits.
Satellites are the objects that revolve around a bigger object in a fixed orbit in space. There are different types of satellites namely natural satellites and artificial satellites. Moon orbiting earth is an example of a natural satellite. Most of the planets have their own natural satellites revolving around them. The International Space Station (ISS) is an example of an artificial satellite.
Nebulae are basically a cloud of dust and gases in space. They can also be formed from the dust and gases emitted by stars while dying. Helix Nebula is the closest known nebula to Earth.

Hence, the correct answer is option C i.e. Satellite.

Gravitational Force plays an important role in keeping the satellites in their respective orbits. When satellites are launched in space, the momentum of the satellite is adjusted in such a way that when momentum and gravity are combined, it helps the satellite go up in space instead of falling back on Earth's surface.
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