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Anuj got marks 58 out of 75 in Physics and 97 marks out of 120 in Maths. In which of the two subjects did he perform better?

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Hint: Start by finding the percentage scored i.e Dividing marks obtained by anuj with total marks in each subject we get percentage and compare the values of both to find the performance of Anuj in both subjects.

Complete step-by-step answer:
As we know that percentage${\text{ = }}\dfrac{{{\text{Marks obtained}}}}{{{\text{Total marks}}}} \times {\text{100}}$.
Given, Marks scored by Anuj in physics out of 75 = 58.
Therefore, %marks in physics$ = \dfrac{{58}}{{75}} \times 100 = 77.3\% $
Similarly, we’ll find the marks scored in math in terms of percentage, Marks scored by anuj is 97 out of 120.
Therefore, % marks in maths $ = \dfrac{{97}}{{120}} \times 100 = 80.83\% $
So, if we compare the percentage in both the subjects, we can say that Anuj performed better in maths.

Note: Make sure you find the percentage using marks obtained divided by the total marks in that subject to compare the performance, since the total marks in the both subjects are not equal. If the total marks in both subjects are equal and we have been asked to find in which subject the performance is better, the answer will be simply the subject in which he secured high marks.