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Answer the following questions briefly. Name the rivers that drain in the velds.

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Veld, also spelled as veldt, is a type of broad open rural landscape in South Africa. It is a flat land covered in grass or low scrub.

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The rivers that drain in velds are Orange and Limpopo.
Orange river is the longest river within the border of South Africa and it runs from Lesotho to South Africa and Namibia. After rising from Lesotho Highlands, the Orange moves into the veld region of South Africa, after which it forms the southern limit of Kalahari and divides the southern Namib before draining into the Atlantic Ocean. The Orange river plays a significant role in the South African economy by providing water for farms, irrigation and hydroelectric power. The river is called Orange in honour of the Dutch family, House of Orange, named by the explorer Robert Jacob Gordon.
The Limpopo River rises in South Africa and flows east through Mozambique and from Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. The term ‘Limpopo’ is obtained from Rivombo, named after Hosi Rivombo who lived on the nearby mountain. The Limpopo is the second largest river in Africa which drains in Indian Ocean. The river flows in a zig-zag manner, serving as a border for about 640 km. It has many tributaries. Olifants river, Shashe river, Mzingwane river, Crocodile river, Mwenezi river and Luvuvhu river are some of Limpopo’s major tributaries.

Additional information:
The Nile is the longest river in Africa and it covers about 6,650 km in total. Congo river in Africa is the second longest river in Africa. It covers about 4700 km in total.

Velds are mainly found in countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Eswatini. They are divided with respect to altitude as highveld, middleveld and lowveld.