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Answer the following for the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.
i) What is the total number of members?
ii) Who elects the members?
iii) What is the length of the term (in years)?
iv) Can the house be dissolved or is it permanent?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Legislature of the Union, which is referred to as the Parliament, comprises the President and two Houses, named as ‘Rajya Sabha' and ‘Lok Sabha'. The former is known as the Council of States, while the latter is known as House of the People.

Complete answer:
i) Maximum strength of the Lok Sabha envisaged by the Constitution is 552 members, but at present the strength is 545. Similarly, the constitution provides that the Rajya Sabha shall consist of 250 members, but at present the strength is 245.

ii) In the Lok Sabha, out of 545 members, 530 members are directly elected from the States and 13 from Union Territories, while 2 are nominated by the President to represent the Anglo-Indian community. In the Rajya Sabha, out of 245 members, 233 members represent the States and the Union Territories, and 12 members are nominated by the President.

iii) The term of the Lok Sabha is 5 years from the date appointed for its first meeting. There is no term of Rajya Sabha, as it is a permanent body.

iv) The Lok Sabha is subject to dissolution before its 5 years term by the President. While the Rajya Sabha is not subject to dissolution as per the provisions of the Constitution.

Note: Rajya Sabha is less powerful than the Lok Sabha in almost all matters. The Lok Sabha has more influence due to its greater numerical strength, even in matters in which the Constitution has placed both Houses on an equal footing. Also, ‘Money bills’ cannot be introduced in Rajya Sabha. The Bill is just sent for recommendation to Rajya Sabha and they have to return it within 14 days, otherwise the bill is assumed to be passed.