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Anita and Nameeta have been partners in the business for some years. Their capitals are rs. $3,00,000$and $2,00,000$respectively. Yogeeta wants to join the business with the capital of rs. $40,000$. They agree that the goodwill will be considered as two times the average of the last three years profit . The profit of the last three years are rs.$60,000$rs.$70,000$ and rs,$50,000$ respectively. What is the amount to be paid by Yogeeta to Anita and Nameeta as goodwill ?

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Hint: For this question, first find average profit then find goodwill and ratio of capitals. At last apply unitary method to get goodwill of Yogeeta and then get the share of Anita and Nameeta.

Complete step-by-step answer:
To find the average profit we have to add all profits and divide by it $3$.
Average profit =$\dfrac{60000+70000+50000}{3}$
                              = $600000$
Now we have to find ratios of capitals
Capital ratio=$300000:200000:40000$
Total share =$\dfrac{4}{9}\times 600000$$3+2+4=9$
Now we have to find the goodwill of Yogeeta
Goodwill of Yogeeta =$\dfrac{Yogeeta\,share}{Total\,share}\times average\,profit$
                                  =$\dfrac{4}{9}\times 600000$
Therefore Yogeeta’s goodwill is $53333.33$
Now we have to find the amount paid by Yogeeta to AnitA and Nameeta.
Anita’s amount=$\dfrac{3}{5}\times 53333.33$
Nameeta’s amount=$\dfrac{2}{5}\times 53333.33$

Hence amount paid by Yogeeta to AnitA and Nameeta are $31999.98$ and $21333.32$.

Note: The quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.
If the C.P is more than S.P loss is seen. If the S.P is greater than C.P profit is seen.