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An ice cream vendor bought 48 orange-bars at Rs.4 each and 25 vanilla cups at Rs.9 each. He spent Rs.3 on storage. If he sold all the orange-bars for Rs.240, all the vanilla cups for Rs.200, and the remaining ice for Rs.1. Find his net loss or gain.

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Hint: In this question, we will proceed by calculating the cost price for 48 orange-bars and 25 vanilla cups. Then find out the total cost price and the total selling price of the ice creams. So, use this concept to reach the solution to the given problem.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Given that,
The number of orange-bars = 48
Cost price of each orange-bar = Rs.4
So, the total cost price of orange-bars \[ = 48 \times 4 = {\text{Rs}}.192\]
The number of vanilla cups = 25
So, the cost price of vanilla cups \[ = 25 \times 9 = {\text{Rs}}{\text{.225}}\]
The cost price of each vanilla cup = Rs.9
Amount spent for storage = Rs.3
Now, total cost price = cost price of orange-bars + cost price of vanilla cups + amount on storage
                                      = $Rs.192 + Rs.225 + Rs.3$
                                      = $Rs.420$
Given the selling price of orange-bars = Rs.240
The selling price of vanilla cups = $Rs.200$
The selling price of the remaining ice = Rs.1
So, total selling price = S.P of orange-bars + S.P of vanilla cups + S.P of reaming ice
                                      = $Rs.240 + Rs.200 + Rs.1$
                                      = $Rs.441$
Since the total selling price is more than the total cost price, there is a net gain.
We know that gain = total selling price – total cost price
                                   = Rs.$441 – Rs.420$
                                   = $Rs.21$

Thus, the net gain is Rs.21

Note: If there is an increase in selling price than cost price, then there is a net gain. If there is a decrease in selling price than cost price, then there is a net loss. Here gain = selling price – cost price. And loss = cost price – selling price.