According to the census of 2001 which of the cities in India has the maximum population?
A) Mumbai
B) Kolkata
C) New Delhi
D) Chennai

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Indian census is the biggest single source of statistical information on different people of India. Census of India started in 1871. The 2001 census of India was the fourteenth census of the country. In the 2001 census the population of India was counted as 1028737436.

Complete Answer:
Mumbai: Mumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a densely populated city and it's located near India's West Coast. Population in Mumbai in the 2001 census was counted as 16434386.
Kolkata: Kolkata is the capital city of India's west Bengal state. It is a commercial and financial hub of eastern India and main port for north eastern states. The population of Kolkata in 2001 was 13205697.
New Delhi: It is the capital of India. New Delhi is located in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, on the banks of Yamuna river. The population of New Delhi in 2001 was 12877470.
Chennai: Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and is situated beside the Bay of Bengal in eastern India. It is known as the “Gateway to South India,” and is also considered as a major administrative and cultural centre. The population of this city in 2001 was found to be 6560242.
Hence according to the 2001 census, Mumbai is the city which has the maximum population followed by Kolkata and then Delhi and at last Chennai.

Therefore, the correct option is A.

Additional information:
Total population released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner on March 26, 2001, stood at 1.03 billion that is 1,027,015,247, as of March 1. 21.34 percent growth in population was seen from 1991 to 2001.

Indian census helps researchers and intellectuals in demography, economics, anthropology, sociology, statistics and many other disciplines. The responsibility of conducting the census is carried out by the Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India.