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What is a quasar? What is their importance?

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: A quasar is formed when a super massive black hole at the centre of a galaxy has sufficient material around it to fall into the accretion disc to create the energy. They are very luminous objects found in the cosmos.

Complete answer:
Quasars are incredibly bright astronomical objects located in the centres of certain galaxies and driven by gas spiralling at high velocity into an exceptionally massive black hole.
• The brightest quasars can outshine all of the stars in the galaxy in which they live, making them visible from billions of light-years away. Quasars are among the most distant and brightly illuminated phenomena known.
The importance of quasars is that by finding its existence we now know that super massive black holes exist at the centres of young galaxies. Because a quasar is fuelled by a super massive black hole at the centre of a galaxy.
• In case there is sufficient material close to the super massive black hole it will begin to fall into the black hole making an accretion disc. It consumes a lot of time for material to fall into a black hole.
• As more material falls into the accretion disc it gets superheated by friction and gravitational impacts to where it produces large amounts of energy.

Observations of quasars have found that their brightness may change substantially on timeframes as small as a few days, implying that the entire size of the quasar cannot be more than a few light-days wide. Because the quasar is so compact and bright, the radiation pressure within the quasar must be enormous.