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A quantity which expresses a part of the whole is called a or an
(a) fraction
(b) prime number
(c) integer
(d) None of these

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Here, we need to complete the statement by choosing the correct option. We will use the definitions of a fraction, prime numbers, and an integer, with examples to check which of the given options is the correct answer.

Complete step by step solution:
We will check the definitions of each of the options to find the correct answers.
A fraction is a number which shows or represents a part of a group. It can be written as \[\dfrac{a}{b}\], where \[a\] is called the numerator and \[b\] is called the denominator. The group is divided into \[b\] equal parts. The fraction \[\dfrac{a}{b}\] shows \[a\] out of \[b\] equal parts of the group.
For example: 105 out of 200 children can be represented as the fraction \[\dfrac{{105}}{{200}}\].
Thus, option (a) is the correct answer.
We will also check the other options.
A prime number is a number which is divisible only by 2 numbers, that is by 1 and the number itself.
For example: 5 is a prime number because it is divisible by only 2 numbers only, that is 1 and 5.
Therefore, a prime number does not represent a part of a whole.
Thus, option (b) is incorrect.
An integer is a rational number that is not expressed as a fraction.
For example: 1, \[ - 1\], 3, \[ - 7\], are integers.
Integers can be positive or negative. Negative integers are the numbers \[ - 1\], \[ - 5\], \[ - 92\], \[ - 41\], etc.
Integers do not represent a part of a whole.

Thus, option (c) is incorrect.

Fractions can be either proper, improper, or mixed fraction. A proper fraction is a fraction whose denominator is greater than its numerator. An improper fraction is a fraction whose denominator is smaller than its numerator. A mixed fraction is a fraction in the form \[a\dfrac{b}{c}\]. Every mixed fraction \[a\dfrac{b}{c}\] can be converted to an improper fraction \[\dfrac{{c \times a + b}}{c}\].