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A place where a building or settlement develops is known as its ______.
A) origin
B) trade
C) site
D) none of these

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Settlements are positions in the villages. Many settlements have common items and can be clustered so that learning them can be made easier. This is the place where a building or settlements develops and can be found on a map, the exact position of the city.

Complete Answer:
Settlements may vary from small to very large towns. By their pattern, they can be marked. Over time, some settlements have changed.
Trade includes the transfer of goods or services from one individual or organisation to another, often in return for money. Economists refer to a structure or network that makes exchange as a market.

Where something starts, occurs or derives, the point or location is an origin.

Description of a site is a place where something is constructed or constructed, or an area where a significant or historical event occurred. The land you buy on which your new house is going to sit is an example of the site.

Hence, the correct answer is option C-Site.

Early settlers often tried such elements in a region to simplify life:
1) For simple and stable building buildings on flat property for safer property.
2) Building homes with local raw materials, for example wood and stone.
3) local drinking, washing, heating and transportation supplies of water.
4) dry land so that people can build on flood-free areas.
5) Defensible place to defend from assailants, such as a hilltop or river bend.
6) Good agricultural land with fertile soils to allow people to grow crops.
7) Transport ties, for example a ford or a low river crossing.