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How a peaceful environment is created?
A. Right to participate in public life.
B. Learning the importance of peace and by using peaceful methods.
C. Both A and B.
D. None of these.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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> A peaceful mind is the backbone of a peaceful environment.
> An imbalance in the thinking can destroy the balance of the entire scenario.
> A healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

Complete answer:
Option A - Right to participate in public life is an important element for a healthy and successful life. In a democratic system like India it is the absolute right of the citizens to look into the public matters going around such as political issues, societal issues etc. to involve themselves in the decision making process and stop the wrongful acts for a peaceful environment. So, it is a correct statement.

Option B - Learning the importance of peace and by using peaceful methods is also a significant element which needs to be built among the youth and children. The first step towards this can be taken by involving it as a part of education and inculcating it among the students through various situations being faced by them in the school system. Teaching them the importance of non-violence and strategies of maintaining a peaceful environment. So, it is an appropriate answer.

Option C – Since both the above options are correct so, it is the correct answer.

Option D – It is an invalid option.

Therefore the correct answer is C

> Some of the important strategies for a peaceful environment are:
> Organize and Greenery creates a very influencing environment for the mindset of an individual.
> Stress Relief Activities should be encouraged in the society as well as in school structures for a healthy mind as well as body.
> Encouraging group work in order to build cooperation among the individuals.