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A Number is divisible by 12. By what other numbers will that number be divisible?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In these types of examples there is no such thing as a particular formula.
These are conceptual questions or examples.
Here, we need to revise the definition of factors.
Factors are the numbers or quantities that when multiplied with any other number or quantity produces a given number or expression.
Thus, in this question we are expected to find out the factors of the given number.

Complete step-by-step answer:
We have been given that a number is divisible by\[12\].
Let the number be X.
When we say a number is divisible by another, we mean that on division the remainder will be 0.
$\dfrac{X}{{12}}$then the remainder is 0
If the above state is true then the state is true for the factors of \[12\] as well.
Let us recall the factors of the number \[12\].
Factors of \[12 - \]$1,2,3,4,6\& 12$
Thus the above condition is true for all the above cases.
That is for,
$\dfrac{X}{1},\dfrac{X}{2},\dfrac{X}{3},\dfrac{X}{4},\dfrac{X}{6}$the remainder will be 0
Thus, we can say that X is divisible by \[1,2,3,4,6\] other than \[12\].
Therefore, the number X will be divisible by \[1,2,3,4\] and 6 if it is divisible by\[12\].

Note: These examples are tricky and confuse the students with divisibility and factors.
Students can go through a division algorithm once before practicing such examples.
Division algorithm states that,
Dividend\[ = {\text{ }}DivisorQuotient{\text{ }} + \] Remainder.