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A notebook is marked at Rs.30. Find the price a student pays for a dozen notebooks if he gets \[15\% \] discount.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The problem is to find the selling price of the notebook with a discount, for that, we need to find the total number of notebooks because the given marked price for one notebook and then we need to find the discount amount. Finally, we get the selling price for a dozen notebooks after getting a discount and also by using formulas and complete step by step explanation.

Formulas used:
\[{\text{Discount = }}\dfrac{{{\text{Discount% }}}}{{{\text{100}}}} \times {\text{Marked Price}}\]
\[{\text{Selling price = Marked price - Discount}}\]

Complete step by step answer:
The marked price of one notebook is Rs.\[30\]
To find the marked price of one dozen notebooks we need to multiply the cost of one notebook by 12.
Since, one dozen means \[12\].
The marked price of one dozen notebook is \[30 \times 12\]
\[ = 360\]
Now, we need to find discount amount, for that we need to convert percentage amount in numerals Using the formula mentioned in formula used
\[{\text{Discount = }}\dfrac{{{\text{Discount% }}}}{{{\text{100}}}} \times {\text{Marked Price}}\]
$\Rightarrow $ Discount \[{\text{ = }}\dfrac{{{\text{30}}}}{{100}} \times {\text{360}}\]
Now, find the selling price by using the formula mentioned in formula used
$\Rightarrow $Selling price \[{\text{ = 360 - 54}}\]
After subtracting we get,
$\Rightarrow $Selling price \[{\text{ = 306}}\]

\[\therefore \] The price paid by student for one dozen of note book with \[15\% \] discount is Rs.\[306\].

This type of problem needs attention on percentage solving type and basic concept on marked price and selling price. This type is basic life mathematics on account of solving calculations on numerical operations. Thus we need to find the solution to this kind of problem.