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A man got a 10% increase in his salary. If his new salary is Rs.1,54,000, find his original salary.

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint-The new salary here is nothing but the salary he would have got after a 10% increase in his original salary.

Given that the new salary of the man = Rs.1,54,000
The original salary is unknown, so let us consider it to be = Rs.x
He gets 10% increase in the salary,
So, the new salary will be the original salary(x) + 10% increase in the original salary
Therefore, new salary =
New salary is already given as Rs.1,54,000
So, we can write Rs.1,54,000= $x + \left( {\dfrac{{10}}{{100}} \times x} \right) = \dfrac{{11}}{{10}}x$
Therefore , we can write x=$\dfrac{{1,54,000 \times 10}}{{11}} = 1,40,000$
So, we can write the original salary = x= Rs.1,40,000

Note: When calculating the new salary, add the original salary + 10% of the original salary which will give us the new salary, do not just calculate 10% of the original salary and give the result.