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A man earns ₨\[18,000\] in three months. How much money will he earn in seven months?

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here, in the given question, we have been told the amount a man earns in three months. And we are asked to calculate the amount he will earn in seven months on the basis of the income given. So, to reach the desired result, we will first calculate the per month salary by dividing the salary from the number of months and then multiply it by the required number of months.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Given, Three month income of a man = ₨ \[18,000\]
We have to calculate seven months income.
Earnings in three months = ₨ \[18,000\]
If we divide it by \[3\], we will get the earnings per month.
Therefore, Earning in \[1\] month = ₨ \[\dfrac{{18,000}}{3}\]
Simplifying it, we get,
Earning in \[1\] month = ₨ \[6,000\]
Now, to calculate the earnings in \[7\] months, we will multiply it by \[7\],
Therefore, Earnings in \[7\] month = ₨ \[6,000 \times 7\]
Earnings in seven months = ₨ \[42,000\]

Note: While solving such types of questions, we need to do only one thing as a priority. We just need to calculate per single unit basis. Like in the question here, we have calculated the income per month. Similarly, we just need to divide it by the number given. And then multiply with the required number. There is nothing more to do in such types of questions, just the basic calculations to be performed. And it is equally important to write the unit. Like, seven months earnings are ₨\[42,000\] not only \[42,000\].