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A class full of very good students means _____ failures for the teachers to worry about.
A) Lesser
B) Less
C) Fewer
D) Less than

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Hint: This question deals with adjectives or describing words. These words are used to describe, modify or indicate a characteristic of a noun. For e.g. Tall building, short plant.
Adjectives are used in three degrees; positive, comparative and superlative. For e.g. large, larger, largest.

Complete answer:
The adjectives are words which describe certain characteristics of nouns, either subject or object. These adjectives are used in three degrees, all of which have their specific usage.
- The most commonly used is the positive degree. For e.g. I saw a black dog. The word black is an adjective in its positive degree. It tells us a specific character of a specific dog.
- The other is the comparative degree. For e.g. Your painting is better than mine. The word better is the comparative degree of the word good. It shows a comparison of one painting to another.
- The third is the superlative degree. For e.g. This is the smallest car. The word smallest is the superlative degree of the word small. It tells us about a specific car that has a specific characteristic which is at its extreme state.

Now let us look into the given options:
Option A – ‘Lesser’ is an incorrect option because it is the comparative form of the word ‘less’ and we do not see any comparison being made in the sentence.
Option B – ‘Less’ is the correct option because it is the positive form and is suitable as we do not need to make any comparisons.
Option C – ‘Fewer’ is also an incorrect option as it is a comparative form of the word ‘few’, and there is no visible comparison in the question.
Option D – ‘Less than’ is also a wrong option. Though the word ‘less’ is a positive form, the following word ‘than’ makes it into a comparative form. Thus, it is wrong, as there is no comparison being made in the question.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (B) Less.

The positive degree of an adjective can at times be used as a comparative degree.
This is done by adding words like than and as.
For e.g.
- My temperature is less than 100 degrees.
- My painting is as good as my brother’s.