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A certain amount was divided between Sneha and Sumit in the ratio 3:2. If sumit’s share was Rs.3200 , Then the total amount is ………..?
A. Rs.6000
B. Rs.8000
C. Rs.9000
D. None of these

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Hint - In order to solve this question first assume a variable and assign 3 times of it to Sneha and 2 times of it to Sumit, then proceed according to question.

Assume a variable say x,
Let Sneha's share = Rs. 3x …(i)
And Sumit's share = Rs. 2x …(ii)
Given that, Sumit's share = Rs. 3200
  From (ii) we can say,
2x = 3200
x = $\dfrac{{3200}}{2}$
x = 1600 …(iv)
Then from (i) and (iv) we can say the Sneha share is,
3x = 3(1600) = 4800
Therefore the total share is Sneha’s share plus Sumit share.
4800+3200 = 8000
The total share is Rs.8000.
Hence the correct option is B.

Note – In these types of questions in which a number is divided among two people and the ratio of division and one of the numbers among two is given, then we can find the number which has been divided by taking the help of ratio as done above. We have assumed the variable and divided it as per the ratio and then we also have one of the numbers by equating the assumed one with the given number we got the value of variable, then we put the value of variable in another number , from there we got the second number. After that we have done the sum of first and second number to get the total value of the number which has been divided among the two people.