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A box contains \[50\] packets of biscuits each weighting $120g$. how many such boxes can be loaded in a van which cannot carry beyond $900kg?$

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: First we have to define what the terms we need to solve the problem are. Since as per given question in a pack of $50$ packages of biscuits and each of the weight is $120g$. That means each and single box of biscuit is at the weight of $120g$ (one twenty grams). So, we just need to find a total of how many boxes can be loaded in that particular van but the only restriction is it will not go above the $900kg$.

Complete step-by-step solution:
let the weight of one packet which contains the biscuits is one twenty grams which is given;
so, if there are total of fifty packets of biscuits is there thus, we need to multiply each and every biscuits packet into the weight of the packets and hence we get $120 \times 50 = 6000$ grams
But we need to find the weight according to the kilo grams so that we can check the carry beyond $900kg$.
Now converting grams into kilograms which is $1000g = 1kg$(thousand grams equals the one kilogram)
Hence the weight of the fifty packets is $6000g = 6kg$(converting)
Finally, we need to find the boxes that can be loaded in the van but which cannot be carried beyond $900kg$. So, it will not exceed that nine hundred kilogram limit.
Thus to finding the total boxes we need to divide that $900kg$ into the $6kg$ of weight of the one box so that we can find the total boxes that can able to load at the van $\dfrac{1}{6} \times 900$ and hence; further solving we get $\dfrac{1}{6} \times 900$$ \Rightarrow 150$ boxes.
Hence there are 150 boxes that can be loaded into that van.

Note: Since one kilogram equals that one thousand grams.
 And there is a restriction that the weight will not exceed above $900kg$ so we divide one box weight into the total weight to find the overall box. If suppose there is no restriction, then the problem has no end up to a point, so that the vans maximum limit is nine hundred kilograms.