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$8988 \div 8 \div 4 = $?
A) 4494
B) 561.75
C) 2247
D) 280.875
E) None of these

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Here, we are required to divide 8988 by 8 and then by 4. We will use the multiplication sign instead of the division one and hence, we will do the reciprocal of 8 and 4 respectively. Then we will divide 8988 by both the numbers and find the required answer.

Complete step by step solution:
In Arithmetic, there are four basic operations, i.e. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
These are symbolised as \[ + \], \[ - \],\[ \times \],\[ \div \] respectively.
Now, in this question, we are required to use the Division operation of the arithmetic.
Division is a method in which a number is separated into equal groups or parts by dividing it by a given number.
As, in this question, \[8988 \div 8\] shows that we are required to divide the number 8988 into 8 equal parts. For instance, there are 8988 chocolates and we have to divide them into 8 children, then we have to find out how many chocolates each child will get.
Now, Division is the opposite of Multiplication.
This is because multiplication is just like repeated addition as it adds equal groups or parts.
If we take the above example, then, if we know that there are 8 children and the amount of chocolates with each one of them, then, multiplying the two terms, we will get our answer as 8988. Hence, this shows that Multiplication is the opposite of Division and vice-versa.
Hence, if we are given \[x \div y\]…………………………..(1)
Then, we can write it as \[x \times \dfrac{1}{y}\]………………………..(2)
Now, according to the question, we have to find the value of \[8988 \div 8 \div 4\].
Using (1) and (2), we can write this as:
\[8988 \div 8 \div 4 = 8988 \times \dfrac{1}{8} \times \dfrac{1}{4}\]
Now, dividing 8988 by 4, we get
\[ \Rightarrow 8988 \div 8 \div 4 = 2247 \times \dfrac{1}{8}\]
Dividing 2247 by 8, we get,
\[ \Rightarrow 8988 \div 8 \div 4 = 280.875\]
Therefore, \[8988 \div 8 \div 4 = 280.875\]

Hence, option D is the correct answer.

Additional information:
The operations of arithmetic play a vital role in the day to day life. The addition is used when we add our bills or when we go to a shopping mall and add the quantities bought by us, when we go to a restaurant and the waiter counts the number of members with us, etc. Subtraction is just the opposite of addition as for example, let us assume that one of the members leaves the restaurant then we ‘subtract’ that member from the total number of members.

1) Here, we have used multiplication and division operations. The most common example of multiplication is that we have 50 students in a class and each student donates \[{\rm{Rs}}.5\], then despite of adding 5, 50 times, we will multiply 5 by 50 and will get the total amount received, which is \[{\rm{Rs}}.5 \times 50 = {\rm{Rs}}.250\]
2) If this example is reversed, then we get the example of Division, i.e. let us assume that we have a total amount of \[{\rm{Rs}}.250\] and we know that each student donated \[{\rm{Rs}}.5\]. Hence, to find the total number of students, we will divide 250 by 5, and we will get the total number of students who donated \[ = \dfrac{{250}}{5} = 50\] students.