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7t = 10, find the value of t.

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint: Consider the given equation as a linear equation in variable t. To solve for the value of t, make its coefficient equal to 1 using simple arithmetic operations like: - addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and accordingly change the R.H.S to get the answer. Divide both the sides of the equation with 7 to get the value of t.

Complete step by step answer:
Here we have been provided with the equation 7t = 10 and we are asked to solve it for the value of t.
Now, in the given equation we can clearly see that there is a single variable t and the exponent of that variable t is 1, so we can say that it is a linear equation in one variable. To solve a linear equation means we have to make the coefficient of the variable equal to 1 and accordingly change the constant terms in the R.H.S to balance the change.
$\because 7t=10$
Here we have 7 as the coefficient of t so dividing both the sides with 7 we get,
  & \Rightarrow \dfrac{7t}{7}=\dfrac{10}{7} \\
 & \therefore t=\dfrac{10}{7} \\
Hence, the value of t is $\dfrac{10}{7}$.

Note: Note that if you want you can check the answer. To verify the obtained value just substitute the obtained value of t in the equation provided in the question. Solve for the L.H.S and R.H.S expression separately and if they are equal then our answer is correct otherwise check for the calculation mistakes. Note that for solving the equation containing ‘n’ number of variables we need ‘n’ number of equations.