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Home tuition in Coimbatore is an ideal way for students to gain a competitive edge. With this in mind, Vedantu, India’s top ranking online education portal, provides online tuitions conducted by the best teachers in the country. Unfortunately, students always have a limited option in terms of who their subject teacher is. There are many cases where the teacher is brilliant, but the students are unable to connect with the teacher on a personal level and don't feel the motivation to study. Sometimes students have a great rapport with one of their subject teachers, only to learn that during the next academic session the subject teacher has been changed. This is the harsh yet unwanted reality of the school system. When a student has home tuition in Coimbatore, a tutor for maths & science during one academic year need not change in the next academic year. Vedantu helps students looking for private tutors to find the best tutors that they are compatible with. Some of the other benefits of Vedantu are:

  • Anytime-Anywhere learning: A home tutor in Coimbatore needn't travel across the city to meet the student.

  • Mobile sessions: Vedantu on Mobile!

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Educational Backdrop of Coimbatore

Often referred to as the "Manchester of South India", Coimbatore is a major hub for textiles and manufacturing. It is also a major educational hub, with the first college being established in 1875. Schooling wasn't far behind and this city in Tamil Nadu has made a name for itself as a region producing excellent academics. While people all across India have heard of Coimbatore's thriving graduation level institutes, Coimbatore has many schools that are sought after by many students. The schools follow various boards such as CBSE and Tamil Nadu State Board. Some of the more famous schools are:

  • Yuvabharathi Public School, Thudiyalur Road: The school is unique in its approach to education as it limits the students to thirty-five per class. It also has a very enthusiastic and fun filled faculty to motivate students.

  • Camford International School, Ganapathy: The school believes in holistic development of the student. It encourages students to diversify their talents by encouraging them to excel in the performing arts.

Despite the massive efforts by schools to help students, home tuitions in Coimbatore are a rising phenomenon. This is because a home tutor for primary and secondary school helps students get a competitive edge. A tutor for maths & science, for instance, can help students perform better in less than a month. One must be cautious about the home tuition fees in Coimbatore. Even school tuition centers often charge a lot of money.


Why Vedantu?

Vedantu is the ideal platform for students looking for private tutors. Local tutors and school tuition centers often allow very little flexibility to students in terms of tuitions in Coimbatore. The Vedantu platform offers excellent home tuitions with its anytime-anywhere learning approach. Local tutors may be hesitant to come to a student's house at 12 in the night. With Vedantu, a home tutor for primary and secondary school can come to a student's aid at any time. The Vedantu home teaching platform lets a tutor impart knowledge that may not be as effective over the phone. Vedantu offers excellent home tuition in Coimbatore for entrance exams and Olympiads. Notes are provided to the student to ensure that there is maximum ease in the learning process. A systematic breakdown of all the points in a chapter is given for easy revision.


The practice of previous year question papers is the essence of cracking competitive exams. The course provides students with assignments based on this along with other objective type questions.Now even video answers are provided for the student to better understand the concepts involved. Vedantu has been offering excellent home tuitions through its online platform. Now, students can access their home tutor in Coimbatore via mobile! The launch of the home teaching app now lets students learn on the go. Not all school going students have a laptop but most students have a mobile. This is why Vedantu has launched the app where the student can stay connected with their tutor even while traveling.