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Aligarh known for its famed university and many cultural attractions is also a growing centre of school education. Students in the city’s many schools are part of India’s competitive new generation, and many are going beyond the school tuition to keep up with their curriculums. Looking for top local tutors can be a challenge because of increased demand and high fees. However, we at Vedantu have made home tuition in Aligarh a more convenient and accessible affair, boasting lower fees and uncompromised quality. Here are some good reasons why thousands are choosing Vedantu to find a online home tutor in Aligarh.


  • Vedantu’s personalised lessons address the specific requirements of a student

  • Students get to interact freely with highly qualified tutors

  • There is no time spent in transit, and home access make online one-on-one tuitions a safer option

  • Vedantu’s lessons can also be accessed from different locations via the internet and multiple devices making it easy to accommodate in changing schedules

  • Vedantu’s customised education comes at just a fraction of regular home tuition fees in Aligarh

  • Recorded lessons can be accessed at any time, easing the revision process


One-on-one tuitions have many advantages over group coaching. Regardless of the measures taken, group classes cannot prevent students from distractions. Group classes also cannot ensure a complete focus on specific individual strengths and weaknesses, and many students can get left behind because of the pace at which the lessons are covered. Vedantu’s one-on-one learning model helps students gain a deeper interest in a subject along with insulating them from distractions. Personalised study plans address the specific requirements of a student and participants also enjoy learning at their own pace.