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Maths Worksheet for Kids- Centimeters to Inches

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Maths Worksheet for Kids | Centimeters to Inches - Download Free PDF with Solutions

KG-3 is the best stage to introduce the concepts of measurement. Students will be able to learn about centimetres and inches from this topic. These new concepts will become easier to understand if they refer to the Centimeters to Inches worksheet provided by experts at Vedantu. These worksheets contain different questions and solutions that the students can refer to increase their knowledge in the best way.

These worksheets will explain all the different concepts related to measurement and will offer the chance to score good marks in the exams. Students will learn to identify the different units of measuring lengths and enjoy the amazing activities provided in the worksheets.

Access Worksheet for Maths KG-2 Centimeters to Inches

Both centimetres and inches are units of length. For conversion, the relationship between inch and cm is that 1 inch equals 2.54 cm (approx.) and 1 cm equals 0.393701 (approx.).

Let's solve some questions for more understanding -

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an image of cm to inches converter


  1. Convert 5 cm into inches.

  2. How to convert the centimeters to inches?

  3. Convert 54 cm into inches.

  4. Find the value of 1 cm in inches.

  5. Convert 90 centimeters to inches.

  6. How long is 11 cm in inches?

  7. Convert 20 cm into inches.

  8. How many inches are 18 cm?

  9. Convert 85 cm into inches.

  10. Define the relation between inches and centimeters.

  11. Convert 37 cm into inches.

  12. How many inches are in 3.8 cm?

  13. Convert 120 cm into inches.

  14. How long is 67 cm in inches?

  15. How many inches are 42 cm?

Answers -

  1. 5 x 0.393701 inches

=1.9685 inches

Thus, we get the value of 5 cm is equal to 1.9685 inches.

  1. To convert cm into inches, multiply the given cm value by 0.393701. 

For example, 10 cm to inches is equal to 3.93701 inches. (i.e.) 10 x 0.393701 = 3.93701.

  1. We know that 1 cm = 0.393701 inches.

To convert 54 cm into inches, multiply 54 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 54 x 0.393701 inches

= 21.259854 inches

Therefore 54 cm is equal to 21.259854 inches.

  1. The value of 1 cm is equal to 0.393701 inches (approx.).

  1. 90 cm = 90 × 0.3937 inches 

= 35.4331 inches.

  1. To convert 11 cm into inches, multiply 11 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 11 x 0.393701 inches

= 4.330711 inches

Therefore 11 cm is equal to 4.330711 inches.

  1. We know that 1 cm = 0.393701 inches.

To convert 20 cm into inches, multiply 20 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 20 x 0.393701 inches

= 7.87402 inches

Therefore 20 cm is equal to 7.87402 inches.

  1. 18 x 0.393701 inches = 7.086618 inches

Therefore, 18 centimeters is equal to 7.086618 inches.

  1. To convert 85 cm into inches, multiply 85 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 85 x 0.393701 inches

= 33.464585 inches

Therefore 85 cm is equal to 33.464585 inches.

  1. The relation between cm and inches is one inch is equal to 2.54 cm and one cm is equal to 0.393701 inches.

  1. To convert 37 cm into inches, multiply 37 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 37 x 0.393701 inches

= 14.566937 inches

Therefore 37 cm is equal to 14.566937 inches.

  1. 3.8 x 0.393701 inches = 1.4960638 inches

Therefore, 3.8 centimeters is equal to 1.4960638 inches.

  1. To convert 120 cm into inches, multiply 120 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 120 x 0.393701 inches

= 47.24412 inches

Therefore 120 cm is equal to 47.24412 inches.

  1. To convert 67 cm into inches, multiply 67 cm by 0.393701 inches.

= 67 x 0.393701 inches

= 26.377967 inches

Therefore 67 cm is equal to 26.377967 inches.

  1. 42 x 0.393701 inches = 16.535442 inches

Therefore, 42 centimeters is equal to 16.535442 inches.

Importance of Centimeters to Inches Conversion Worksheet

These worksheets explain the topic of converting centimetres to inches and vice versa very well. Here the students of KG-3 will find different exercises and activities that will make the learning process much smoother and better. They will learn to differentiate between the two values from the Centimeters to Inches Conversion Worksheet. They will learn to use the concepts of conversion to solve different mathematical problems in the best way. Such materials will help them improve their skills.

These worksheets provide a detailed introduction to the topic and the concepts related to the measurement units for measuring length. There are exercises and activities to make students understand the concepts properly. These questions on the worksheets will enable the students to comprehend the questions they can expect in the examinations. This will also help them prepare the perfect strategy during the exams. Students can download these worksheets and start their preparation in a better way.

Benefits of Measuring Centimeters Worksheet for Students

Here are some main benefits students can get from downloading the Measuring Centimeters Worksheet from Vedantu for Class KG-3.

  • Practising the worksheets regularly allows students to comprehend the topic and all the concepts explained there easily. This will help them solve the questions more efficiently.

  • Students will understand the basic units of measuring length according to the metric system and more from the measuring-in-inches worksheet.

  • They will also be able to understand how to calculate the difference between centimetres and inches in the first place. They can convert the centimetres value into inches and vice versa from these worksheets.

  • Students will be taught how to use a ruler to measure different objects. They will learn how to use the inches side and the centimetre side of the ruler to measure various objects of varying lengths.

  • Students can resolve any queries about the topic from these worksheets. Every question has a solution that explains how to approach the question and answer it correctly to score more marks.

Download Measuring With A Ruler Worksheets Inches and Centimeter PDF Now

This is your only chance to download Measuring With a Ruler Worksheets Inches and Centimeters from the official website of Vedantu. Ensure you rely entirely on these helpful study materials to boost your exam preparation.

FAQs on Maths Worksheet for Kids- Centimeters to Inches

1. How can I convert 30 inches into centimetres?

We know that 1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimetres. Thus, 30 inches can be written as 30 x 2.4 centimetres, equal to 76.3 centimetres.

2. How is centimetre and inch different?

Both Inch and Centimeter are used to measure length. However, there is a difference in the measurement system they belong to, and hence there is a difference in the values.

3. How can I practice Measuring centimetres worksheets?

The best experts have designed the worksheets at Vedantu for the students. Thus, you can improve your conversion skills with the help of these worksheets.

4. How to download the centimetres to inches worksheets?

You can download the essential worksheets from Vedantu’s website or mobile application. These worksheets will help in clearing your concepts and improving your knowledge.

5. How many inches are there in a centimetre?

A centimetre has 0.393701 inches since an inch is a larger unit of measurement than a centimetre.