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Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Science Chapter 1 Gravitation - PDF

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 10th Solutions for Science Chapter 1 Gravitation – Download PDF with Solutions

The 1st chapter of the Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science syllabus is titled Gravitation, and it teaches students about the concept of Gravity on earth and our surroundings. The solution has been provided for the chapter which can help in providing an accurate understanding of the concepts. Students will get to explore different areas and sub-topics in the chapter such as Gravitation and the different laws that are associated. For further details about the chapter, download the gravitation class 10 solutions PDF.

The solutions for Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Chapter 1 have been crafted carefully by the subject matter experts at Vedantu. These solutions come in detailed step-by-step explanations and provide a deep understanding of the chapter and the questions. The solutions can be accessed in the PDF version, and students can use it as a reference for their study material. They can quickly review different topics before any examination.

Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Science Chapter 1 Gravitation - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Maharashtra Board Science Class 10 Gravitation Chapter 1

Gravitation is an important chapter for the Maharashtra Board students. This chapter introduces students to Gravitational Laws, Free Fall, as well as some other scientific concepts and principles. Using these scientific principles and concepts, students can provide explanations for different scenarios and also solve questions from the chapter. 

The introduction and derivation of Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Kepler’s Law, and the Gravitational Constant will teach students about the force of gravitation and how it was discovered. Delve deeper into the chapter and understand the concepts such as Free Fall, Acceleration Due to Gravity, etc., which have been described in detail in this chapter.

Learn the differences between the mass and weight of an object. The chapter also details some important formulas, the value of the Universal Gravitation Constant and other important details to understand these laws and the effect of gravitational force on earth. The gravitation class 10 exercise answers will help you understand the chapter in detail. Thus, the solutions will help in building a strong conceptual foundation. 

Benefits of Solutions for Class 10 Science Maharashtra Board Chapter 1

  • The learned experts at Vedantu have explained all the gravitational equations and laws mentioned in the chapter for a better understanding of students. Every single term in these equations and laws has been explained methodically so that students can implement these to answer calculative and explanatory questions easily. 

  • Students can understand deeply the meaning of gravitation, free fall, mass, weight, acceleration due to gravity, the force of gravitation, and much more without any difficulty. Just refer to the Gravitation Class 10 question and answer PDF and you are all set. 

  • Students can prepare for their Maharashtra board exam by solving the questions that are related to the chapter. Then they can easily cross-check the answers and clarify any doubts that they might have about the solutions. 

Excel in Studies With Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Solutions 

Download Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science solutions part 1 Chapter 1 Gravitation right now from Vedantu and start preparing for your exams. Learn how gravity behaves on earth and other related principles. Solve the questions on your own, and you can get back to the answers to see if you are right. These solutions act as a great tool for reference and revision. You can clear your concepts using the solutions provided by the experts here at Vedantu. Start your preparation right now and download the PDF by visiting the official website.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 10 Solutions for Science Chapter 1 Gravitation - PDF

1. What is the value of the Universal Gravitational Constant?

The value for the Universal Gravitational Constant is 6.7 x10-11Nm2Kg-2.

2. What is the force of gravitation between an object and the earth known as? 

The force of gravitation between any particular object and the earth is called the weight of the object. It can be achieved by multiplying the acceleration due to the gravity of an object with its mass. 

3. Define free fall.  

When an object falls due to the gravitational pull and that too without any resistance of air, it is called a free fall. 

4. What happens to the gravitational force between two objects in case the mass of one object is doubled?

In that case, the gravitational force of the object will also increase to reach a double value.

5. What are the SI units for Mass and weight?

The SI unit for Mass is Kg or Kilogram, and the SI unit for weight is N or Newton, which is the same as the SI unit for Force.