Concise Mathematics Class 7 ICSE Solutions for Chapter 4 - Decimal Fractions

ICSE Class 7 Mathematics Chapter 4 Selina Concise Solutions - Free PDF Download

Decimal Fractions are the algebraic form of fractions in which denominators are powers of 10. Refer to the below table for examples:

Decimal Fractions Formulas


1 tenth



1 hundredth



99 hundredth



9 thousandths


Selina Concise Mathematics Class 7 ICSE Solutions for Chapter 4 Decimal Fractions part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How to Solve the Equation When the Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction Contain the Same Number?

Ans: In cases where the numerator and denominator of a fraction include the same number of decimal places, we will have to remove the decimal sign. For example,

1.840/2.990 = 1840/2990 = 80/130

0.3650/0.5840 = 3650/5840 = 50/80

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Q2. Where can I Find the Questions from Previous Year Papers on Decimal Fractions?

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