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Inventions by Kids

Last updated date: 02nd Mar 2024
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Cool Inventions by Kids

Inventions are ideas made into a reality that often ease our way of living. They change the way we do things or reduce the time taken to do those things. They take a pre-existing set of problems and provide solutions for them. Inventions are usually associated with adults or scientists that are really mature and old, however, there are certain inventions that defy these conventions because they were devised by kids and not adults. You can read about these inventions in this article.


The evidence of the use of devices like trampolines has been spread across human history. But trampolines, as we know them, were not invented until 1931. George Nissen and Larry Griswold are credited for the development of trampolines. Larry Griswold was a Gymnastics coach at the University of Iowa where he met George Nissen. The two men got the idea of trampolines from the safety nets that the trapeze artists use in circuses. George Nissen was 16 years old at the time of their invention.



Earmuffs – An Invention Inspired By Nature

Chester Greenwood was a 15-year-old boy when he first came up with the idea of creating Earmuffs. His invention was truly inspired by nature. He reportedly came up with the idea while testing a new pair of ice skates. He wanted to protect his ears from the cold, but the scarf was too itchy to wear. 

So, he made two ear-sized loops using wire and asked his grandmother to sew fur on the loops. He later patented and manufactured the earmuffs and employed the people of his town, Farmington, for 60 years.



Cancer Screening Test – Kids Science Inventions

Jack Andraka at the age of 15, in 2012 invented a test that revolutionized how early-stage pancreatic cancer is detected. He went on to win the $75,000 Intel ISEF Gordon E Moore Award for his unprecedented invention. Jack’s research was kick-started by the sudden loss of a close family friend to pancreatic cancer. The person passed away six months after Jack’s family found out that he had pancreatic cancer. 

Part of his demise was because the diagnosis was made so late. Jack’s research and invention truly honor him as a great inventor cause his invention made the world a better place than it was before it and is helping those who are affected by pancreatic cancer.


The summertime treat which is a crowd favorite was invented by 11-year-old Frank Epperson. In 1905, Frank accidentally invented the treat by mixing some soda powder with water and leaving the mixture overnight. Fortunately, it was a cold night and the mixture froze. Epperson enjoyed the frozen treat in the morning, licking it off the wooden stirrer. He gave it the name Epsicle, an amalgamation of the word icicle and his name. 

Later, he started selling the treat in his neighborhood area and went on to expand the sales beyond his neighborhood, at Neptune Beach, a nearby amusement park. Because of the roaring success of the Epsicle, he applied for a patent in 1924. Eventually, his children convinced him to change the name of the treat to Pop’s ‘Scile, or Popsicle.


Louis Braille was only 15 years old when in 1824 he developed the Braille writing system. Braille is a universally acknowledged and accepted system of writing which is used by and for Blind persons. It consists of 63 characters made up of one to six raised dots arranged in a six-position matrix or cell. He used Charles Barbier’s system of tangible writing using dots. He modified Barbier’s writing system and cut its 12-dot configuration in half. Braille was first published in 1829 and a more evolved version appeared in 1837.

Solved Questions

1. What is a patent?

Ans: A patent is an exclusive right granted by the state for an invention to the inventor to use, exploit or produce the invented product exclusively by barring any third party from doing the same.

2. Who invented trampolines?

Ans: George Nissen and Larry Griswold

Practice Questions

Q1) Which of the following persons invented popsicles?

  1. Frank Epperson

  2. Louis Braille

  3. Jack Andraka

  4. Chester Greenwood

Ans: a) Frank Epperson

Q2) Which of the following persons invented Earmuffs?

  1. Jack Andraka

  2. Chester Greenwood

  3. Frank Epperson

  4. Louis Braille

Ans: b) Chester Greenwood


The mark of a true inventor is how they make the world a better place and not their age. How they emerge in times of need and try to solve the problem with their intellect or curiosity or sometimes harmless experiments. Kids have time and again proven to be great inventors and the above-mentioned inventions just reaffirm this.

FAQs on Inventions by Kids

1. What are some inventions made by kids?

Kids have through their curiosity and fascination with the world made some trailblazing inventions, to name a few, we have, Trampoline, Earmuffs, Water skiing, Swimming Flippers (for hands), Popsicles, etc.

2. What are some inventions that made day-to-day life easier?

The idea behind inventions is to make human life easier or improve our productivity. There are a lot of inventions that made human life easier and the list is endless but to name a few: Wheel, Printing Press, Electricity, Mobile phones, GPS, Electricity Cars, etc.

3. How were Popsicles invented?

In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson accidentally invented the treat by mixing some soda powder with water and leaving the mixture overnight. Fortunately, it was a cold night and the mixture froze. Epperson enjoyed the frozen treat in the morning, licking it off the wooden stirrer.