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English Worksheet for Kids | List of Prepositions

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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English Worksheet for Kids| List of Prepositions - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Prepositions are a significant part of English Grammar that enables a speaker to describe the location, position, time or condition of a noun. These are words or groups of words used to explain the condition of a noun. Hence, learning pronouns is a crucial part of studying this language. This is why the experts of Vedantu have designed the ideal Preposition Worksheet to solve. It has typical questions that help the students of KG-3 to understand what prepositions are and how they are used.

Access Worksheet for English KG-2 List Of Preposition

To indicate a direction, time, place, location, or spatial relationship or to introduce an object, a preposition is a word or set of words used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase. Prepositions include phrases like "in," "at," "on," "of," and "to."

Prepositions List:

Aboard, above, in accordance with, across, against, in front of, along, amid, amongst, among, about, as far as, as of, aside from, at, at, atop.

B excluding, due to, ahead of, behind, below, beside, between, beyond, but (when it signifies except), by, and using.


1. Fill in the blank with the right preposition.

  1. These are important days ____________ January.(in,at,on,of)

  2. I wrote the test _________ June.(in,at,on)

2. Fill in the correct preposition.

What are you looking __________?(about,at,by)

3. Fill in the right word.

My pen is superior ___________ yours.

  1. Than

  2. From

  3. About

  4. Because

4. Choose the correct option.

We went __________ a trip last week.

  1. On

  2. At

  3. For

  4. In

5. What is the time ____________ your watch? (by,in)

6. Choose the correct option.

What time did you usually get up ________ weekends.

  1. At

  2. On

  3. In

  4. About

7. Choose the correct option.

There is the bridge ___________ the river.

  1. On

  2. At

  3. Above

8. Choose the correct option.

He had a daughter _______, his first wife.

  1. By

  2. Of

  3. At

9. Choose the correct option.

We are ___________ school right now.

  1. At

  2. On

  3. In

  4. About

10. Choose the correct option.

Hello! Can I have a cup ____________ tea?

  1. Of

  2. On

  3. At

11. The Great Wall is __________ China. (at/in)

12. Look ___________ the park, it’s so beautiful. (at/on)

13. Fill in the blanks with the right prepositions.

My flat is ____________ at the center _______ the town.

  1. In, on

  2. In, of

  3. At, of

  4. At, on

14. Fill in the blanks with the right prepositions

 Moscow is the capital __________ Russia.

  1. Of

  2. In

15.  Fill in the blanks with the right prepositions

This is the photograph ___________ my husband and me.

  1. Of

  2. From

  3. On



a. These are important days of January.

b. I wrote the test in June.

2. What are you looking about?

3. My pen is superior than yours.

4. We went for a trip last week.

5. What is the time in your watch?

6. What time do you usually get up on weekends.

7. There is a bridge on the river.

8. He had a daughter from his first wife.

9. We are at school right now.

10. Hello! Can I have a cup of tea?

11. The Great Wall is in China.

12. Look at the park, it’s so beautiful.

13. My flat is at the center of the town.

14. Moscow is the capital of Russia.

15. This is a photograph of my husband and me.

Examples of Different Types of Prepositions

As mentioned earlier, prepositions are a word or a group of words that express the location, condition, place, time or any other thing linked to a noun or pronoun. Using prepositions becomes a lot easier when kids learn their different types. The List of Prepositions is as follows:

  • Preposition of Time: This type is used to show the time of an incident. Example: on, from, after, during, etc.

  • Preposition of Place: These prepositions indicate the location or place of a noun or a pronoun—for example: behind, over, on, between, etc.

  • Preparation of Direction: These prepositions express the direction of anything. Example: at, in, on, etc.

  • Preposition of Location: These prepositions help to denote the location of a noun or pronoun. Example: against, opposite, beneath, beside, around, etc.

  • Preparation of Space: These prepositions express whether a noun or pronoun is going away or coming towards another noun or pronoun. Example: opposite, against, around, beside, etc.

Importance of Solving Preposition Worksheets for Kindergarten

Students will learn what a preposition is and how it is used to express the features of a noun and pronoun mentioned above. They will learn the ideal methods and meaning of prepositions to implement and express themselves in English. To make this process more productive, it is ideal for solving the Preposition Worksheets for Kindergarten developed by the experts.

This worksheet is designed by following the English standard followed by the KG-3 level. Students will find the questions easier to understand and answer. Solving this worksheet will be a proper academic session where students will find the correct answers and learn where to use the proper prepositions.

Benefits of Solving the Preposition Activity Sheet

  • The questions have been formulated in a more accessible tone for quick comprehension.

  • The questions have an exciting format for the kids to follow and give the right answers.

  • Kids will learn to follow the instructions given in this worksheet and do the needful to answer such questions.

  • They will also develop skills related to following instructions and the English language.

Download Preposition Worksheets PDF with Answers

Download the PDF version of this worksheet and print it at home. You can use this worksheet as the perfect practice material for the students to grab the concept of prepositions. The solution provided will help to get the correct answers.

FAQs on English Worksheet for Kids | List of Prepositions

1. Give an example of the preposition of location.

The boys are playing on the field. Here, ‘on’ is the preposition used to express where the boys or the noun is playing.

2. Is studying prepositions easy?

Studying prepositions becomes a lot easier when you know the categories well. Define the types of prepositions and focus on how they are used to formulate answers.

3. Is it necessary to learn prepositions?

Without using prepositions, you cannot express the time, place, location, condition and other features of a noun or pronoun. You will need prepositions to express the condition of a noun and correlate with a noun(s).

4. How can I practice preposition questions?

Download and print this worksheet and practice solving questions related to prepositions. You will get questions in the exercises of textbook chapters to practice too.

5. Where can I get the solutions for this worksheet?

The solution for the questions included in this worksheet has been provided in the same file. You will get the worksheet and its solution attached to it together.