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CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 1 The Ant and The Cricket Poem - PDF

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 8 English Chapter 1 The Ant and the Cricket Poem Worksheet - Download Free PDF with Solution

Last updated date: 21st Mar 2023
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For students in Class 8, we provide the resource you may be looking for: CBSE Solutions for Class 8 English The Ant and The Cricket poem worksheet. Our subject-matter experts have crafted the Class 8 CBSE Solutions to provide the students with trustworthy and precise solutions.

The poem "The Ant and the Cricket" depicts the intriguing story of an ant who works diligently every day to accumulate enough money for the winter. On the other side, there is a cricket who enjoys himself by singing and dancing throughout the summer. Due to his poor use of the time and resources at his disposal, he ends up going hungry throughout the winter season. 

Benefits of Class 8 English The Ant and The Cricket Poem Worksheet

The Class 8 English The Ant And The Cricket poem worksheet is answered simply and engagingly. It also includes interactive worksheets with solutions and related 'Learning Concepts'. The worksheet addresses all the possible questions that the child may have.

The Class 8 English The Ant and The Cricket poem question and answer is a comprehensive resource for teachers of students in Class 8. Through the use of these English worksheets, educators can gain knowledge and understanding about the development of students as well as methods and techniques for teaching them effectively.

These English Worksheets have been developed by educators, linguists, and psychologists to facilitate the development of oral language skills and reading comprehension.

Examples of Class 8 The Ant and The Cricket Poem Questions and Answers 

Here are some common examples of Ant And The Cricket Class 8 PDF Questons and Answers.

1. “Oh, what will happen to me?”, the cricket asks. When and why does he say it?

Ans: When the cricket realised that winter had arrived yet his cupboard was empty, he uttered the phrase, "Oh! What will become of me?" On the snow-covered ground, he couldn't discover a single crumb, and the tree's flowers and leaves were invisible to him. He feared that he would soon perish from malnutrition because it was growing chilly, and he had nothing to eat to stay alive.

2. What do you think of ant's beliefs, as described in the poem from NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Unit 1?

Ans: The ant's concept teaches us that we should conserve money so we won't have to borrow or lend from others in the future. When the sun shines, we should work hard and utilise our time and resources wisely.

3. "Dance the cold away," the ant commands the cricket. Do you believe "dancing" fits in this context? Why, if so?

Ans: The cricket didn't make good use of his valuable time and the resources available during the summer to build up money for the cold season, which is what the ant meant when she encouraged him to "dance the winter away." The sun shone brightly while he was dancing and having a good time. As a result, when the ant uses the word "dance," she means that the cricket should strive to dance and sing in the winter just as he did in the summer and not trouble her by needing food and a place to stay. Consequently, the word "dancing" in this sense connotes a reckless and careless attitude.

What Does the PDF Consist of? 

The ant's philosophy can teach us that we should set aside enough money for the future so that we won't need to take out loans or borrow money from others during hard times. Subject experts at Vedantu have put forth a lot of effort and wisely utilise their resources and time. Here are important reasons why one should download The Ant And The Cricket Class 8 summary PDF from Vedantu:

  • The ant and the cricket poem extra questions answers help you save time and money at pricey coaching facilities and books.

  • These PDFs give you extra time for independent study.

  • You can study whenever it's convenient for you and use whatever method that works for you.

  • The course content is current and trustworthy because it is based on CBSE regulations.

  • You can check your understanding with the practising  MCQ on Class 8 The Ant and The Cricket Poem.

Thus, Vedantu's The Ant and The Cricket Poetry Class 8 PDFs are an excellent resource for students seeking to enhance their academic abilities. Don't hesitate to download them and prepare well for your exams. Students in nearly all courses can use the crisp, clear, and precise Vedantu course materials to study all the subjects listed on their syllabus. The course materials were created by knowledgeable instructors who thoroughly discussed each chapter and gave you a list of questions and their answers.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 1 The Ant and The Cricket Poem - PDF

1. What is The Ant and The Cricket poem?

Aesop wrote a fable called "The Ant and the Cricket" in the form of poetry. This poem tells the tale of a miserly ant and a stupid, desperate cricket. During the summer and spring, the Cricket would sing.

2. Why does the poet refer to the ant as miser?

Because the Cricket approached the ant asking for food and shelter, the ant is referred to as "Miserly" in this poem. He did this out of concern that if he fed the Cricket, he wouldn't have much left over for himself.

3. What is the poem The Ant and the Cricket's piece of advice?

The poem "The ant and the cricket" lesson is that "if we enjoy today, then we will undoubtedly suffer tomorrow." In the poem, the Cricket sang day and night in the summer, but the ants did work day and night.

4. What did Cricket discover?

Cricket teaches us to constantly plan for the future so that we won't have to rely on others for support during hard times.

5. What was Cricket's problem?

The Cricket's issue was that he didn't save for his future and instead enjoyed his good times and made merry, which caused him to now be hungry.

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