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English Grammar Class 8 - Phrasal Verbs

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Phrasal Verbs Class 8 English Grammar - Download Free PDF with Solution

Most students always look down on phrasal verbs as they tend to get perplexed. Did you spot the phrasal verb in the previous sentence? If you haven't, it's no biggie. Since that piece of information is out, phrasal verbs are part of the enormous family in English grammar, charged with equally essential responsibilities. Familiarising yourself with them will uplift your grammatical strengths.

Before we start, what is a phrasal verb? It is a group of two or more words that when put together form a new set of words with entirely different meanings that contain no relation to the original terms. In phrasal verbs for Class 8 English grammar, children will learn how to identify and form phrasal verbs. Students can level up their grammatical skills in the English language through various phrasal verbs exercises for Class 8 CBSE, which ardently test their grammatical repertoire.

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Benefits of Learning Phrasal Verbs in Class 8 English Grammar

  • Phrasal verbs are combined words used in a sentence where we can't use formal speech.

  • They provide more details on the noun, pronoun, or subjects.

  • They are essential for friendly conversations.

  • Most students struggle to differentiate between their vast meanings, so studying this as an individual area will expand their knowledge of English grammar. 

  • In a sentence, phrasal verbs communicate things/instances in a more casual and "modern" manner during informal dialogues.

Examples of Phrasal Verbs for Class 8

These are a few phrasal verb exercises’ examples:

Identify the phrasal verbs.

  • Witnessing the snow leopard, she warily backed away.

  • He murmured an apology as he bumped into a stranger.

  • They all gave in to their dark desires.

1. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct phrasal verb:

  • I used to be acquainted  _____ him. (in, with, up, down)

  • Fortunately, she adhered  _____ the laws of the state. (from, to, in, off)

  • He turned _____ the proposals. (off, down, away, out)

Interesting Facts about Phrasal Verbs for Class 8

  • A phrasal verb identifies when they have a verb and a preposition together in a sentence.

  • The meaning of a phrasal verb has nothing to do with the purpose of the verb alone.

  • Phrasal verbs divide into pronouns, nouns, and noun phrases.

  • A phrasal verb can consist of the following combinations.

    • Verb + preposition

    • Verb + adverb

    • Verb + adverb + preposition

  • Other names of Phrasal verbs are "compound verbs," "verb-particle/verb-adverb combinators," or "three-part/two-part verbs," depending on the number of words the phrasal verb contains.

Important Topics of Class 8 Phrasal Verbs

The following topics are the ones you will be learning in phrasal verbs for Class 8.

  • What are phrasal verbs and how to use them? 

  • Rewriting sentences to contain phrasal verbs.

  • Fill in the blanks and choose the relevant phrasal verbs.

  • How to identify phrasal verbs in sentences.

  • Many more phrasal verbs exercises for Class 8.

Advantages of Referring to Vedantu’s Class 8 Phrasal Verbs Free PDF Download

  • From Vedantu’s website, the PDF phrasal verbs exercises for Class 8 with answers is free to download anytime.

  • You can use this PDF to acquire brief information about phrasal verbs and their uses. 

  • Various phrasal verbs exercises for Class 8 PDF, such as identifying phrasal verbs in sentences, filling in the blanks with proper phrasal, etc., will graciously assist you in gaining excellent scores during your exams.

Phrasal verbs exercises for Class 8 CBSE PDF contain material such as phrasal verbs exercises for Class 8 with answers. This can be found at the Vedantu and downloaded for free. Solving worksheets and practice exercises will be quite beneficial for the students when it comes to toning their grammatical and English abilities.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 8 - Phrasal Verbs

1. What is the common list of phrasal verbs?

These are few amongst the extensive phrasal verbs list for Class 8:

  • Agree with

  • Advise against

  • Back up

  • Break Down

  • Check-in

  • Count on

  • Drop out

  • End in

  • Figure out

  • Makeup

2. Why are phrasal verbs used?

Phrasal verbs are essential and frequently used during informal speech. Do bear in mind that unless you know most of their meanings, keeping up with them can be quite a struggle. Hence, getting to know more about them will make you seem like a total natural when it comes to casual conversations.

3. How many phrasal verbs are present in English?

There are easily around 5,000 phrasal verbs in the English language.