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CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Chapter 3 Glimpses of the Past

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Chapter 3 Glimpses of The Past - Get Free PDFs with Exercises


Using the right study materials is vital for getting accurate information on multiple topics. There are various chapters in English that can be understood in a better way with the help of PDFs and worksheets. To understand the lesson glimpses of the past, students can use such PDFs with accurate solutions based on NCERT and CBSE patterns to score good marks in exams.

Glimpses of the past is a story that revolves around the history of India’s war of independence against the Britishers. In this chapter, students will learn how the Britishers ill-treated the Indians, created a rift among the prince and exploited all the natives by imposing high taxes on them. The lengthy stories and summaries in this chapter can overwhelm students; therefore, it is recommended that learners use glimpses of the past worksheets to grasp the lesson in a nice way.

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Access Worksheet for Class 8 English Chapter 3 - Glimpses of the Past

1. In which century, the British came to India?

2. In which year did Ram Mohan Roy start a newspaper but Britishers suspiciously stopped them?

3. What did Lord Macaulay suggest?

4. Who was the first Governor-general of India, and in which year did they come into existence?

5. What happened in the year 1857?

6. Name these people:

  1. According to whom, cows of different colours produce milk of the same colour. Although different teachers hold different opinions on religion, the essence of all religions remains the same. Who coined this opinion?

  2. The person who suggested teaching natives the English language.

  3. Who said that they should have Peshwa Nana Saheb as their leader in the war of independence? 

  4. “The white man has taken away my kingdom”.

  5. Who said that the bones of cotton weavers are bleaching the plains of India?

7. Who was Raja Ram Mohan Roy? Why did he go to England?

8. Write any two oppressive policies of the British.

9. Discuss any two reasons that led to the 1857’s War of Independence.

10. How did the British East India Company become ruler of India?

11. What is the reason that forced farmers to abandon their fields?

12. Match the following:



The first war of Independence

William Bentick

Raja Ram Mohan Roy


Regulation 3


Begum Hazrat Mahal


13. The British always believed in “Divide and rule” methodologies. How this is true in the context of this chapter?

14. Who is known as Tiger of Mysore and what happened to him?

15. Describe Regulation 3.

16. Indian princes ruled most of the country 

  1. In the year 1857

  2. In the year 1662

  3. In the year 1765

  4. In the year 2022

17. British promised the Indian business community for ______

  1. Hefty money

  2. a Degree of peace

  3. Conquer other countries

  4. Heavy taxes

18. Name two freedom fighters in the context of this chapter.

19. Under which act, Indians has to pay higher taxes?

20. How many peoples died due to starvation between the years 1822 and 1836?

  1. Fifteen thousand

  2. Ten lakh

  3. Fifteen lakh

  4. Forty lakh

21. Mangal Pandey killed:

  1. William Bentick

  2. Adjutant of his regiment

  3. Macaulay

  4. Kunwar Singh

22. Who was India's first prime minister?

  1. Lal Bahadur Shashtri

  2. Indira Gandhi

  3. Tipu Sultan

  4.  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

23. Glimpses of the past is written by:

  1. Satyajit

  2. S.D Sawant

  3. H.R.Bachchan

  4. Amitav Ghosh

24. Who was the far-seeing ruler of that time

  1. Mangal Pandey

  2. Prithviraj Chauhan

  3. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

  4. Tipu Sultan

25. In the year 1823, a newspaper was stopped by the Britishers. Who started that newspaper?

  1. Tipu

  2. Subhash Chandra Bose

  3. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

  4. None of these


Answers to the Worksheet

1. The British came to India in the 18th Century.

2. In the year 1823.

3. Lord Macaulay suggested teaching natives the English language.

4. William Bentick was the first Governor-general of India. He came into existence in the year 1833.

5. In 1857 there was a violent outbreak at Meerut and the rebellion spread wider, thousands of sepoys revolted and were put in jail. Alternatively, it is called the First War of Independence.


  1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

  2. Lord Macaulay.

  3. Azimulla Khan.

  4. Begum Hazrat

  5. Governor-General Bentinck

7. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was from Bengal and understood what was happening wrong in the country. He went to England to see what made the British so powerful. There he told them that we accept them as rulers but you must remember the responsibility a ruler owes to his subjects.


  1. In the year 1818, the British Government passed Regulation 3 in which any Indian citizen could be jailed without trial in a court.

  2. The British prospered on the company’s loot while Indian industries began to die.


  1. The Santhals who had lost their lands under new land rule became desperate in the year 1855 and rose in rebellion and massacred Europeans and their supporters.

  2. The Brahmins were furious of the bullets they have to bite was made from cow and pig fat.

10. The British came to India as traders, however, the main motive of the British was to make a fortune but they needed political powers to carry on their trade. Later the Indian goods lost their demand because the market was flooded with imported English goods. These goods didn't have to pay import duty. They dethroned Indian rulers and took advantage of their rivalries and slowly spread their empire all over India.

11. The British apply heavy taxes after taking all the crops from the farmers, being a merchant the British wanted quick profits which leads farmers to abandon their fields. 


Governor-General - William Bentick

The first war of Independence - 1857

Raja Ram Mohan Roy - Bengal

Regulation 3 - 1818

Begum Hazrat Mahal - Lucknow 

13. At the time when Britishers came to India, the native rulers were busy fighting with each other. The Britishers took advantage of this scenario and scooped out the Indian resources. Later on, these rivalries among the rulers created the way for the East India Company to overpower the nation.

14. Tipu Sultan was known as the Tiger of Mysore. Tipu Sultan fought with the Britishers and was against their policies. He was the first freedom fighter on the continent who died fighting against them.

15. Regulation III was passed by the Britishers where any Indian citizen could be jailed without trial in a court. This regulation was passed in the year 1818.

16. (c) in the year 1765

17. (c) a degree of peace

18. Tipu Sultan , Sepoy Mangal Pandey.

19. Regulation act III

20.  (c) Fifteen lakh

21. (b) adjutant of his regiment

22. (d) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

23. (b) S.D.Sawant

24. (d) Tipu Sultan

25. (c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

What You Will Learn From Glimpses of the Past?

The chapter, glimpses of the past, has various topics in which students will learn about the freedom battle of Indians against the Britishers and how the English government and soldiers exploited them. Here are some of the main things students can learn from this lesson while solving glimpses of the past question answer:

  • In this lesson, the students will learn about the events surrounding British rule in India from 1757 to 1857.

  • With the help of glimpses of the past worksheets, learners will learn about multiple events that provoked revolts in the country and led to the first war of independence.

  • After a thorough revision of the glimpses of the past chapter, students will learn how the East India Company expanded its power in India and exploited the workers. 

  • Using the CBSE worksheets for English glimpses of the past, learners will understand how Britershers and their sepoys robbed Indian landlords and farmers and how the overall situation led to massive massacres.

Exercises Based on Glimpses of the Worksheets

Here are some glimpses of the past question answer based on the PDF: 

1. Answer the following questions

  • Name any two oppressive policies imposed on Indians by the Britishers.

  • What was the reason behind the 1857 War of Independence?

  • Define the term artisans.

  • Explain the activities that the East India Company conducts.

2. True or False

  • Poor farms and artisans suffered the most under British rule. _____

  • Raja Ram Mohan Roy was an important reformer in India. ____

  • Britishers put Indians in jail without a court trial. ____

  • Britishers did not impose heavy taxes on Farmers.____

Get A Free PDF for CBSE Worksheets for English Glimpses of the Past

PDFs and worksheets are a simplified way of studying and memorizing a chapter in one go. There are various advantages of downloading a free PDF and learning from it. 

  • Downloading free PDFs and worksheets is easy. Students can simply go to the Vedantu website and get the PDFs from there for absolutely free. 

  • Learning glimpses of the past question answer from worksheets will encourage the students to do quick revisions and exercise practice, which will help clear the concept of the lesson easily. 

  • PDFs are very compact and easy to store and contain the topic-wise summary of the lesson based on various CBSE pattern MCQs. 

  • Students can use these PDFs anywhere they want to revise the lesson. The PDFs can be easily printable as well.

Lastly, to ensure students get complete support and great learning material, experts at Vedantu have curated high-quality PDFs and worksheets on the lesson glimpses of the past. These study materials will help students get good marks in their exams and help them understand the topic in one go. Therefore, students should incorporate worksheets and study materials to speed up their preparations.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet - Chapter 3 Glimpses of the Past

1. How did the Britishers exploit Indian farmers and artisans?

Britishers exploited poor artisans and farmers by imposing heavy taxes on them.

2. What is an East India Company? 

The Britishers formed the East India Company to form a trade route through the Indian Ocean.

3. How did the Britishers treat the Indian kings?

The Britishers exploited the Indian kings and made them their puppets.