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CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Children At Work - PDF

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Children At Work - Download Free PDFs with Answers

Students take interest in learning and reading new chapters in English literature. English literature has various chapters and stories that have gripping storylines and plots, and one such chapter is children at work. But using the right study materials and practice papers is also very necessary to learn the concept of the chapter. To understand and quickly solve Children At Work Worksheets effectively, students must take help from the right study materials based on the exam pattern. Lesson 2, Children At Work, is a story of a little boy, Velu, who runs away from home, faces difficulties, and experiences bitter things. 

This chapter revolves around Velu meeting different people after he runs from his home and struggles to feed himself. To clarify this chapter, students should use separate PDFs and worksheets with children at work extra questions. PDFs and study materials based on the latest CBSE guidelines and exam patterns are a great way to score good marks in exams.

Access Worksheet for Class 8 English Chapter 2 - Children at Work

1. Who was Velu and where did he run away from?

2. Which train did Velu take and where did it stop?

3. Explain the two days spent alone by Velu?

4. Who did Velu meet on the train?



5. How did Velu escape the ticket collector?

6. Why was Velu following the girl?

7. Write the meanings: 

  1. Gulped Down

  2. Squashy

8. Where did Velu and Jaya eat food? Why was Velu hesitant to eat the food?

9. How did Velu find the city and road around him?

10. Who was Jaya selling the garbage, plastic bags and waste materials to?

11. Which canal was there in Triplicane?

12. Write two lines on the character of Velu?

13. State True or False for the following questions:

  1. Velu’s father was very rich and still, he left his house.

  2. Velu and Jaya became best friends.

  3. Jaya was a rag picker.

14. State the reason for Jaya’s attitude towards Velu?

15. What was Jaya wearing which made Velu surprised?


16. Who wrote the story ‘Children at Work’?


17. What kinds of huts surprised him and why did he call them strange?


18. How waste can be valuable for people? Write the answer reflecting the lesson ‘Children at Work’.


19. Comment on the character of Jaya in the story.


20. What is the main motive of this lesson?

21. Write a few lines on the character of Velu.

22. What kind of relationship started to develop between Velu and Jaya?

23. Why did Velu leave his home?

24. Why was Jaya picking up all the trash and garbage?

25. What did Jaya do with all the trash?


Answers to the Worksheet

1. Velu was an eleven-year-old boy who ran away from his house.

2. Velu took the train called ‘Kanyakumari Express’ and it stopped at Chennai Central.

3. Velu was alone at the station. He ate some peanuts and a piece of jaggery. He was walking to Kannur for most of the day and finally sat on the train to Chennai.

4. Velu met a small girl of his age. She was collecting dirty plastic cups in the bag behind her back. She was wearing a baniyan which surprised Velu.

5. Velu did not have money to buy tickets for himself. He sat on a train to Chennai without the ticket. He got lucky because the ticket collector did not come that day to check the tickets.

6. Velu was following the girl because he had no idea about going or anything. The girl told him that to earn money everyone needs to do something. He was looking at her disappearing in the crowd and finally decided to follow her.


  1. Swallowed quickly

  2. Crushed

8. Jaya took Velu to the back side of a mall building. There was garbage and leftover food in the bin. Jaya offered a banana leaf and vada to Velu, to which he denied saying he does not eat leftover food like a dog. Later, he realised that he was starving so he had vada and leaf. Jaya also had a banana. Velu wanted to eat more but he could not afford to leave Jaya.

9. Velu found the whole area very crowded and full of traffic. There were huge buildings, towers and big roads where he could get lost very easily. There was smoke and dust which was making him faint and his head spinning. Jaya helped him cross the road and he could not believe that they passed the traffic. Velu was clueless and surprised.

10. Jaya was selling the garbage, plastic bags and waste materialsJam Bazaar Jaggu.

11. Buckingham.

12. Velu was a small child who did not know the harsh realities of the word. Velu escaped from his house due to his father. 


  1. False

  2. False

  3. True

14. Jaya was a brave and ambitious girl. She was busy doing her daily work. Although, she understood that Velu is unaware of how things worked so she helped her in finding food.

15. Jaya was wearing a Baniyan when Velu first met her. He was surprised to see a girl in baniyan. 

16. Gita Wolf, Anushka Ravishankar and Orijit Sen are the writers of ‘Children at Work’.

17. The huts in the city were made up of wood, plastic, sheets and bricks. Velu found them strange because in his village the huts were made up of mud and palm trees.

18. Leftover food, used plastic glass, old bags, old newspapers, and sheets can be wasted by humans and we throw them in bins. It is valuable for rag pickers and people who pick trash from bins to sell it in the factories and markets for a very less amount of money. They also eat the leftover food which is valuable to them. In this lesson also, Jaya was a rag picker and plastic glass, bags, leftover food and trash were valuable to her.

19. Jaya was a very brave and sensitive girl. She knew the reality of the world and was very focused on her work. She takes pity on Velu and gets her food. She also had a sense of humour. Velu was also surprised by her and somewhere impressed as well.

20. The main motive of this lesson is to draw our attention to the evil of child labour. Small children are trapped in these evil realities of child labour. They cannot go to school or spend their childhood in a happy manner. They have to become responsible to earn at a very young age. They either support their parents or work for themselves.

21. Velu is a small boy who left his home. He was very confused about the place and the people he was travelling around. He met a small girl Jaya who helped him when he was hungry. 

22. There was a bitter-sweet relationship between Jaya and Velu. Jaya was a rag picker and she helped Velu in finding food. She somehow taught him a life lesson.

23. Velu left his home due to his father. His father used to spend all their money. 

24. Jaya was picking up all the trash and garbage to sell in the market. She earned money from them. 

25. Jaya sold the trash to a man because she was a rag picker. 

Importance of Children At Work Worksheet PDF

This chapter teaches a very good lesson to all students. It has a gripping storyline, and children at work PDFs and worksheets will help students as well adults to realise the importance of good parenting.

  • In the lesson, Velu belongs to a not-so-stable household where his father used to beat him. After a point, Velu could not do anything; he got frustrated and ran away from his house. In the lesson summary, students will also learn how did Velu feel about his garden.

  • Students will read about how old was Velu when he left home and how many hurdles he faced with arranging food for one time.      

  • This lesson's worksheet also explains how Velu met Jaya in Chennai after leaving his home. Students can understand this chapter in detail if they pay attention while solving questions in the chapter's PDF. 

  • This chapter teaches a vital lesson: adults should behave properly with children so that they do not have to face the consequences of their bad actions. Adults' irresponsible behaviour can lead kids to run away from home. 

  • The chapter has a part where it narrates how with no help and food, Velu joined Jaya in rag picking and became a ragpicker. Students can understand this part of the story in detail with the help of Children At Work extra questions in the worksheet.

Questions/Answers based on the Chapter Children At Work

Here are questions and exercises based on the PDF and worksheets of this chapter. After through with these PDFs, students will be able to understand how did Velu feel about his garden answer. 

1. Answer the following questions about Velu.

  • What did he observe at the platform?

  • What was he carrying along with him?

  • How old was Velu when he left home?

  • Where did Velu go along with the girl?

  • Where did Velu get the food from?

  • How did Velu feel about his garden?

2. True or False.

  • Velu left his home because he fought with his sister. _____

  • Velu met a girl named Jaya in Chennai. _____

  • After Velu left his home, he went to Delhi. ____

  • Jaya and Velu found two bananas and vada in the garbage. ____

Grab A Free PDF With Solutions with A Children At Work Worksheet

Getting a free PDF online from Vedantu's official website with questions and answers is easy. PDFs and worksheets are the best way to engage students in revision and chapter preparation because they are fun to solve and easy to understand.  

  • Worksheets and PDFs are very easy to download, and they are compact as well. PDFs contain a detailed yet to-the-point explanation of the chapter, which is great for the students. 

  • Students can use these PDFs anywhere they want to revise the lesson, and these PDFs are easily printable, making them portable and absolutely free.

  • Students can easily get topic-wise PDFs with various MCQs and exercises.

  • If students incorporate PDFs in their study routine they can easily answer difficult questions in chapters. For example, how did Velu feel about his garden?

Lastly, we hope our well-curated PDFs and worksheets by the expert teachers at Vedantu will help students to score good marks in their English exams. These PDFs can greatly help students if they use them for revision and solving extra questions and various exercises. Students have the advantage of carrying printable PDFs with them anywhere for last-minute revisions as well.  

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Children At Work - PDF

1. Who was Velu? 

Velu was a sweet innocent boy who had run from his house because his father was a drunkard and used to beat him daily. 

2. Who is the author of the story about children at work?

The author of the story children at work is Geet Wolf.

3. How old was Velu?

Velu was an eleven years old boy.