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Helpful Guide to Story Writing Class 6

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Story Writing with Hints for Class 6 - Get Free Updated PDF

Each of us has stories inside us and that is what makes us humans. From the earliest days of our lives, we all tell different stories in different forms to each other. Stories enchant people of all ages, from kids to grownups and it is an ancient form of entertaining, informing, and educating human beings for centuries. It is through stories that we share our feelings, wisdom, and experiences and tell people about different cultures and ways of life. Story writing is critical for the development of children since it provides them a beautiful way of expressing the new events they experience and increases their vocabulary.

Story writing class 6 is an important topic for students as it teaches them the basic parts of a story and encourages children to write excellent stories through many story writing topics for class 6. Apart from learning the story writing format for class 6, kids also get many tips on how to go about writing a good story.

English Grammar Class 6 Story Writing - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Story Writing for Class 6

Kids have a curious and creative mind which is put to great use through story writing skills. Apart from gaining vocabulary, kids learn how to structure their ideas and experiences by writing stories.

  • Stories Build Imaginative Power - Telling stories and putting them on paper stimulate a child's imagination and curiosity significantly. We all tell stories in our minds with rich imagery which inspires us to play around with ideas. 

  • Story Writing Aids in Vocabulary Development - When you write about new things, there are new words that you need to learn to express appropriately. By writing stories, children need to look up and learn tons of words to express themselves better.

  • Story Writing Helps in Emotional Intelligence - Story writing develops emotional skills as children can channel their emotions by creating stories. By writing stories children also understand how to manage a situation and show empathy for others. For example, they can develop empathy for the character they write about and express a range of emotions that is felt by the character or manage a difficult situation faced by that character. It further helps kids express their feelings and understand how others feel. 

  • Story Writing Teaches Morals - There are many moral stories that teach goodness of heart and principles of living a quality life. Through story writing in English for class 6 with morals, kids learn the different morals and set high standards for themselves as a way of living. They also get to focus while writing stories. By completing the story they learn about commitment and dedication.

  • Story Writing Builds Intellectual Skills - You will find out that when you write stories your intelligence at many levels advances notably. You can see improvements in areas such as grammar, sentence structure, use of punctuation, and many more. 

  • Helps Kids in Collaborating With Their Peers - Stories help a child share his or her ideas with others and collaborate with them to build the storyline. 

  • Develop Organization From a Young Age - When you write a story, you need to have a plot and a sequence of situations. This helps children organize their thoughts and also learn how to create surprises and drama in the stories. Such an organization helps kids in their everyday life by organizing themselves and preparing for the day ahead.

  • Story Writing Builds Confidence - With story writing, children get to put across their point of view and be heard. This helps them develop into powerful adults who can convey their ideas, feelings, and thoughts clearly.

Story Writing Examples for Class 6

You will learn about different parts of a story through many examples, some of them are illustrated below:

  • Story Writing With Hints for Class 6 - The students are given an outline of a story which they have to strew in sentences and create a story out of it. An example is:

    • The Cat Killed Mice - mice discuss how to solve the cat's problem - a young mouse suggested bell the cat - but an old mouse asked who will bell the cat?

  • Story Writing With Pictures for Class 6 - You are given a sequence of pictures that tell a story. You need to write down the story in your words.

  • Tell The Moral of The Story - A story with a hidden moral is presented to kids and they need to come up with what moral the story teaches them.

Some Interesting Facts About Story Writing

  • Before computers came into the picture, many authors would write stories with their hands.

  • John Steinback who wrote East of Eden used up to sixty pencils per day to write this novel. He totally used up three hundred pencils to write the story.

  • The first ever story written in the world was "The Epic of Gilgamesh." The story was written in the cuneiform script(one of the most ancient forms of writing)  in 2100 BCE.

  • Dr. Seuss won a bet of 50 USD with his publisher as he said he could write a story with fifty or fewer words and he won.

  • The word “colygraphia” means writer's block and “mogigraphia '' means writer's cramp.

Important Topics in Story Writing Class 6

  • Learn the definition of a story.

  • Understand what a good story looks like and how to divide them into paragraphs.

  • Find out some of the salient points to keep in mind while writing a story.

  • Solve story writing with hints for class 6.

Write Fantastic Stories by Going through Our Free Story Writing for Class PDF

  • Vedantu’s team has prepared a story writing format for class 6 which is sure to get them high marks in their exams.

  • In the PDF you would find many examples of short stories which are written keeping in mind the understanding level of class 6 students.

  • You also get ample practice in writing different kinds of stories by solving the practice examples.

  • The PDF can be downloaded on your devices to give you ease of access from any time anywhere.

  • The PDF is also printable so that you can have your copy of the entire content on story writing for class 6 on the go.


Story writing is an art that kids must develop at a young age to excel in many fields of their lives in the future. The experts at Vedantu make sure the value of story writing gets across to the kids, and they are able to utilize our content for improving their story writing skills.

FAQs on Helpful Guide to Story Writing Class 6

1. What is a story?

The simplest form of composition is a story that provides an account of imaginary or real events and people in an entertaining manner.

2. What are the different types of stories?

Stories exist in many different forms such as-

  • Folklores- These are stories being told through generations about different regions and their cultures.

  • Fairy tales - These are stories about characters having magical powers.

  • Legends - These stories mostly talk about historical events but they do not stick to the accuracy of history books.

  • Epics - Epics are extremely long stories that talk about a country and its people.

  • Mythological stories - These stories are similar to legends but they deal with Gods or heroes.

  • Moral stories - These stories are built around moral values.

  • Science fiction - These tales are created around futuristic inventions and technologies.

  • Crime fiction - They are full of suspense and mysteries.

3. What are the different elements of a story?

A story typically has the following elements:

  • Setting - This defines when and where the events of the story take place.

  • Characters - Characters from the life and soul of the story. It could be people, animals, or anything which can be personified.

  • Plot - Plots are organized sequences of events that create the story.

  • Conflict - Conflict denotes struggles between opposite sides of the story.

  • Theme - This is the central idea of the story which the writer of the story is trying to convey.