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CBSE Class 2 English I Want Worksheet - Detailed Overview with Examples

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CBSE English I Want Class 2 Worksheet - Download Free & Latest PDF

Class 2 English I Want is the story of a monkey who aspires to become strong. There was a wise woman who became aware of this. In order to fulfill all the wishes of the monkey, she gave him one magic stick. Initially, he wishes to turn into a giraffe. Then he desires to become an elephant, and finally he desires to become a zebra.

All of his wishes are granted. As he approaches the river, he discovers that he appears to be so frightening. The sight of his face made him feel so bad. During his conversation with his mother, he expressed his happiness at being himself. As a result, he wishes to return to being a monkey. He was granted his wish and once again became a monkey. In response, he threw away his magic stick.

The main objective of I Want Lesson Class 2 is to know, accept and love themselves the way they are. The story shows how the money wanted to be like other animals, but once he saw his reflection, he understood the significance of his original look. This story also tells how we should not compare ourselves with others and be like them, forgetting about our individuality.

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Benefits of Class 2 English I Want Worksheet

The Class 2 English I Want worksheet is answered in a simple and engaging way. It also includes interactive worksheets with solutions and related 'Learning Concepts'. The worksheet addresses all the possible questions that the child may have.

The class 2 English I Want question and answer is a comprehensive resource for teachers of students in Class 2. Through the use of these English worksheets, educators are able to gain knowledge and understanding about the development of students as well as methods and techniques for teaching them effectively.

To facilitate the development of oral language skills and reading comprehension, these English Worksheets have been developed by educators, linguists, and psychologists.

Examples of Class 2 I Want 

Here are some common examples of Class 2 English I Want:

  1. Tick or cross off the following sentences.


  • The Little Monkey wants to be big and strong. _____

  • A wise woman does not hear him. _____

  • She gives him a wand. _____

  • The giraffe stretches his long neck.   ____

  • The elephant has no trunk.   _____

  • The zebra has stripes.    ______

  • The Little Monkey sees a monster in the river.     _____

  1. The monkey wrote to his mother - “I look awful” He made two mistakes. What are they? Please write the sentence correctly.

Ans. The first mistake- "I" should always be written in a capital letter as it is the first word of the sentence.

Secondly, a full stop must be placed at the end of a sentence.

The correct sentence- "I look awful."

  1. Name the food the following animals consume. 


  • Goat - Grass 

  • Tiger - Flesh of other animals 

  • Elephant - Banana trees 

  • Panda - Sugar cane 

  • Monkey - Fruits & Meat

What Does the PDF Consist Of? 

Students can find reliable I Want Class 2 English PDF on the main website of Vedantu. There are answers to every question in the textbook in both the PDF file and along with the latest worksheet to practice for exams. Students can download the free I want lesson class 2 PDF on any device with a stable internet connection. Designed by Vedantu experts to meet the individual needs of students, these English worksheets offer the highest quality of education.

  • Class 2 English I Want Worksheet has been well-formulated in accordance with the latest CBSE guidelines.

  • Provides various exercises for the development of reading, writing, and general language skills.

  • Using English worksheets, children are exposed to academic vocabulary and structures through visual representations.

  • For parents, these English worksheets offer an easy way to monitor their children's progress.


Vedantu's I want class 2 PDFs are an excellent resource for students seeking to enhance their academic abilities. Don't hesitate to download them and prepare well for your exams.

FAQs on CBSE Class 2 English I Want Worksheet - Detailed Overview with Examples

1. What does Little Monkey wish to become?

The little monkey wishes to be strong.

2. Who hears him?

A wise woman hears him.

3. How does an elephant take a bath?

An elephant blows water over himself by filling his trunk with water.

4. Are there spots or stripes on the zebra?

There are stripes on the zebra's body.

5. Is there a reason why Little Monkey wishes to become himself again?

The little monkey wanted to be himself again because he felt like a monster.