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Why is the Foundation Course Important for JEE/NEET?

By Puja RoyOctober 07, 2022
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If you are aiming to crack the national-level competitive entrance exam like JEE or NEET, it is understood that you need to prepare early & dedicatedly. IIT JEE and NEET both are among the most popular, renowned & toughest exams in India where thousands of applicants appear every year but only a few of them get selected in their choice of colleges. Limited availability of seats and difficulty level of questions make these exams difficult to clear. Therefore, the right strategy and approach are required from the early stage of education to crack the exam with good marks.

But most of the students at the early stage of education like in Class 7th, 8th, or 10th are busy trying to find out ways to excel in their studies. They keep practicing formulas, definitions, etc. Getting a command over concepts may help them get good marks, but it won’t help them improve their thinking ability.

Since mostly in school exams, the questions come from the syllabus and students have no idea about the application-oriented questions. So, they face a lack of thinking ability. Then, what is the solution?
Benefits of Joining Foundation Course for JEE and NEET
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Start Early With Foundation Batches

Students aiming to crack the NEET or JEE now prefer to enroll with a foundation course during or after they complete Classes 11 and 12. But it is recommended to start early as while in Class-7th and enjoy the benefits of the course. But what is a foundation course exactly? And how will it help prepare for the IIT JEE or NEET?

What is a Foundation Batch?

To inculcate early learning and strengthen the base in each subject, many institutes in India have started foundation batches. The students from Classes 8th/ 9th/ 10th can enroll in the program. It mainly focuses on clearing & building a solid command in Science and Mathematics required for the IIT JEE & NEET Exams.

These programs ensure that every student will have conceptual clarity and an impeccable understanding of the given subjects by supplementing and expanding their knowledge acquired in school. They conduct daily & weekly tests where the questions are framed in such a manner to evaluate their conceptual knowledge.

The program's emphasis is on concept-based learning to pitch students’ interests in the subject. So, the students perform well in school as well as shine in various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, Olympiad exams, etc.

Significance of Foundation Program for JEE & NEET

If you are still pondering over whether or not to start your preparations early with Foundation Course, reading these benefits will help you a guide. Take a look:

1. Improve Your Competitive Capabilities

Being an aspirant, you might know that the most important thing to pay attention to while taking competitive exams is none other than time management. Your overall performance depends on how faster you can attempt questions and solve them. This is something that a foundation course can help you with.

Starting early with this program helps you hold up with the concepts faster and solve questions in the least time. Also, enrolling in a foundation course prepares your mind to think logically, connect concepts, evaluate the application of formulas, and solve equations. And once the mind is trained to operate that way, it helps you in many ways.

2. Prepares For The School Syllabus 

Since many of the topics/subjects in IIT JEE or NEET are already present in your school curriculum, it becomes easier for the students to prepare for these competitive exams. All those topics are covered in a structured manner in your foundation course. Hence, students do not get frustrated with too many unique topics to learn. Also, a foundation course builds on your analytical thinking and logical reasoning.

3. Strengthen the Basic Concepts

This happens with most students evaporating their basic concepts gradually while moving from one class to the other and then struggling to regain or understand associated concepts. The Foundation course for JEE and NEET prepares you to the core of the basic concepts first and then moves ahead with strengthening advanced concepts. These foundation courses aim to make your basic concepts strong so that you could connect & apply them in solving related equations.

4. Brings Clarity To Exam Pattern

Joining a foundation course for JEE or NEET not only helps you build a strong concept base but also develops your knowledge about the exam pattern of these competitive exams. You will get to know & learn important topics that carry more weightage or scoring ones. This course enhances the skills required to clear IIT JEE or NEET.

Furthermore, the exam patterns of school exams and competitive exams are completely different. School pattern focuses on learning concepts while competitive exams focus on applying those concepts.

5. Mock tests and Doubt-Clearing Sessions

Joining the foundation course is a good idea as along with the regular classes, the course also provides you with mock tests to solve. The agenda is to make you aware of your intellectual level among other students, where you are lacking, and areas you need practice to shine in the exam. Attempting questions will help you track your performance, know the difficulty level, manage your time, and improve your weakness. Additionally, doubt-clearing sessions are there to help resolve your issues.

6. Stay Under The Supervision Of Experienced Faculty 

There is no doubt that proper guidance from subject experts is essential to crack IIT JEE/NEET or any other competitive exam. Joining a foundation course gives you a chance to interact with experienced faculty with expertise in their respective subjects daily. It is the best way to get the most out of your studies, stay updated and create a strategic study schedule. Whatever your doubts are, don’t leave them in the middle. Go and get professional assistance from the experts.

7. Quality Study Material

Since these foundation courses aim to inculcate conceptual-based learning in the aspirants, the course provides high-quality study materials like modules, mock tests, sample papers, etc to the students to train their minds and mail their skills according to the competitive exam pattern. The study material is constructed in an easy-to-understand manner for the students.

8. Result-oriented Preparation

When you enroll in a foundation course, you will be learning to manage time effectively, make logical-based decisions, improve weak areas as well as prioritize your tasks. This is because the course follows a result-oriented approach in the class. Since the course provides mock tests, doubt-clearing sessions, quality study material, and expert guidance, it has a great impact on your performance as well as the overall learning process. Also, each student is separately monitored and receives personal assistance.

Final Takeaway!!

No doubt it is recommended for students preparing for JEE or NEET to enroll early in these foundation courses. It not only improves their thinking ability but also provides them with competitive exposure. Besides, it also prepares you for the scholarship exams under the supervision of expert guidance. Students learn to be decisive and prioritize their tasks. 

FAQs on Why is the Foundation Course Important for JEE/NEET?

1. What are the several competitive exams that the foundation courses help in?

Foundation courses help prepare students for various competitive exams such as olympiads, NEET, JEE, etc. 

2. For which class foundation courses are available?

The students from Classes 7th to 10th can enroll in a foundation course.

3. What is the schedule and average duration of the foundation classes?

The schedule and average duration of the classes completely depend on the modules and the overall syllabus.

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