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Which Stream is Best for Class 11? Follow these 3 Factors

By Shiwani PandeyApril 17, 2023
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Which Class 11 Stream is Ideal for You?

Lakhs of students appear in the secondary level exams and complete Class 10. What do to after Class 10? Which stream is best for Class 11? These questions haunt them during the academic transition from the secondary to the higher secondary level.

To make it easier for you, academic experts have jotted down and simplified a few crucial factors to consider. These factors have been framed based on their experience of what students face during this phase. Considering these factors, you can avoid the dilemma when choosing a Class 11 stream.

Which Stream is Best for Class 11? Follow these 3 Factors

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Factors to Follow for Choosing Class 11 Stream

Choosing a combination of subjects can be tricky as its consequences will reflect on a student's career. This is why a student must be intuitive while making a decision. Check these factors compiled for you to take the first step.

1. Know Different Streams in Class 11 

First, know the streams available and the subjects in them to consider. The subject combinations vary slightly for the national (CBSE, CISCE, and IGCSE) and state education boards. Remember, these subjects have been added to the streams of Class 11 to assist students in choosing the right professional career after completing the higher secondary level of education.

The streams in Class 11 are:

1. Engineering Stream

In this stream, the subjects available are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) and Optional. You will have to choose a language in addition to all these subjects. For instance, the CBSE board mandates choosing at least 5 subjects and a maximum of 9.

2. Medical Stream

The subject combination for this Class 11 stream comprises Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB), Language and Optional.

3. General Science

A Class 11 student can choose Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Language and Optional in this stream. This subject combination can also be chosen by aspirants who want to prepare for engineering and medical entrance exams.

4. Humanities/Arts

This Class 11 stream comprises a subject combination of History, Economics, Political Science, Language and Optional. The subject combination may vary from board to board.

5. Commerce

This Class 11 stream allows students to choose subjects like Accountancy, Language, Business Studies, Economics, etc.

The optional subjects an educational institution offers can vary based on the board syllabus and available teachers. Hence, you can decide by determining how many subjects are in the 11th Class in your school.

2. Researching Subject Syllabus

The second factor determining your choice of the Class 11 stream is your research on the available subjects and their respective syllabi. For instance, if you want to go with the CBSE Class 11 Science PCM stream, check the NCERT syllabi of all the subjects first.

Find the chapters included in the syllabi of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and other subjects in the official portal. To get an idea of how the syllabi will be, check the online recorded classes. Discover in the 11th how many subjects there are and whether you are compatible with them. This step might sound daunting, but it will help you make a fruitful decision.

3. Consider Your Interests

Every student has his favourite subjects in Class 10. You might have observed how easier studying these subjects was, whereas the other subjects required more effort. This is where your interest lies. By completing your secondary level of education, you will get an idea of which subjects can be chosen to study at the higher secondary level. Hence, focus on your interests.

Finding the Class 10 subjects you liked to study the most will help you greatly. Focus on the chapters of those subjects and then check which stream is best for Class 11. Here is what you can do.

  1. Individual score in the subjects of Class 10

  2. Subjects that you can study at ease and even push you to learn more

  3. Subjects that will help you achieve your career aim

  4. Associated subjects that help you score cumulatively and assist in choosing a Class 11 stream

Get a rough idea of which subjects are ideal for your career choice. Remember your chosen subjects will decide the professional courses you can choose after Class 12.

What Should Not You Consider for Class 11 Streams?

Apart from learning how many subjects are in 11th Science, here is what you should not consider while making a prime decision after Class 10.

  • Peer Pressure: Societal pressure can be harmful to your choices. Stay away from the flow and follow what others are choosing. It can negatively impact your career.

  • Prioritising Career and Financial Stability: People will say that earnings matter at the end of the day. Study what gives you mental peace and encourages you to pursue your passion. It will deliver exceptional results.

  • Imaginary Notion: Making a castle in the air will not deliver results. Focus on realistic approaches and face the hard truth. Learn the outcomes of the Class 11 streams and set your career on the right track.


Seek professional assistance from education counsellors, subject experts, senior students and parents. Let them enlighten your path with experience and knowledge. Focus on finding how many subjects are in the 11th Class stream and develop the right combination. Choose subjects according to your dream career and take the first step.

FAQs on Which Stream is Best for Class 11? Follow these 3 Factors

1. Can I switch from one stream to another in Class 11?

It all depends on the norms and guidelines your school follows. You can switch if both streams' subject combinations are close enough. For instance, learn how many subjects there are in 11th Science. You can switch from PCM to PCB or PCMB or vice versa. Switching from commerce to science or vice versa will not be possible and might result in losing a year.

2. Should I follow my preferred Class 10 subjects to choose a Class 11 stream?

Experts recommend following the subjects you like to study as your stream. It grows your enthusiasm and helps you follow your dream.

3. How can I decide which board is easier for Class 11

Check the subject combination and syllabi of your Class 11 stream for the boards. It will help you decide.