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7 Important Tips On What to Choose After Class 10th?

By Shiwani PandeyApril 17, 2023
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How Choose Your Subjects Wisely After Class 10?

Decision-making on what to choose after the 10th is crucial, as opting for the perfect stream is the first step toward your future. Before pursuing further, the opportunities you get from scoring higher marks in different subjects, know about the subjects in detail and your interest in those. Higher education is about building your future full of passion, interests, and the life you have always dreamt of.

In most boards, one should choose at least 4 subjects with a mandatory literature subject to appear for Class 11 and 12 examinations. Here is all you need to know about the list of streams after the 10th before opting for a particular subject combination after your boards. 

7 Important Tips On What to Choose After Class 10th?

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7 Things to Consider for Deciding a Subject Combination After Class 10

Several guidelines are available online to learn what and how to choose your subjects. Know more about the pros and cons of every stream beforehand. However, there is no hard and fast rule to do so. Here are some tips and tricks for finalising different subject combinations after Class 10th.

Before finalising the list of subjects, you want to proceed with, know that only scoring higher shouldn’t be the main focus. After Class 10th, the subject combination you will be studying with will build your source of income and convenient life. So, the primary goal should be to choose what is best for you.

1. Keep Your Idea About Further Studies Clear

The list of streams after 10th comes with different career opportunities like engineering, the medical field, several diploma courses, etc. Students can also consult a proper career counsellor to get a clear idea of what the subjects offer. Though many new opportunities are coming up daily, several traditional jobs are being eliminated.

2. Know Your Strength 

Running after money and fame can never be someone’s main focus in building a better life. The education system till Class 10 will give you a draft of every possible opportunity with the subjects you’ve been studying. So, when you’re finally going to decide on which stream is best after the 10th shortly, think about which subjects align with your academic strength and your passion.

3. List Of Streams With Career Opportunities

Here is the list of streams and career opportunities to check out.


Career Opportunities


PCM (Science with Mathematics)

PCB (Science with Biology)

PCMB (Science with Biology and Mathematics)

Two main grounds are Medical, Engineering.


Economics, Statistics, Business Studies, Accounts, and Computers.

A profession in MNCs, entrepreneurship, trade, finance, and chartered accountancy.

Humanities or Arts

If you are curious about a wide range of how the administration works, this is the best stream. Guideway to Civil Services, Several Government posts.


Professional short-term courses like interior designing, Fashion Designing, Nursing, Dialysis or Technician, etc.

Table: List of streams after Class 10

4. Focus on Career Counselling

When you are on the hot seat of which way to go with your future, try to rely on something other than the mark sheet of Class 10th and visit or consult a proper career counsellor or your teachers to know yourself and the subjects of your strength.

5. Affordability 

Students always carry big dreams from their childhood and their circumstances. In many cases, pursuing further higher studies to achieve those require a lot of financial support. In such situations, there are several options to look for studying with the same stream for a lesser fee.

6. Guide to Going for the Best Stream 

After Class 10, one can choose from mainly three subject combinations: Science, Arts, and Commerce. The medical and non-medical field is differentiated by only biology. There is no ‘best’ stream according to someone or some institution. It’s all about which way you want to go. 

7. Explore the Subjects Before Eliminating

When worrying about how to choose a stream after the 10th, try not to listen to others about the intensity of the subjects. The fear of not knowing a subject beforehand may guide you in the wrong direction. For first-hand knowledge about anything, research a little bit about the subjects before eliminating and going for the comfortable one.

You can always consult with several subject matter experts to know more about the subjects in detail.

Achieve Your Dreams by Choosing a Class 11 Stream

We all have faced the question of what we want to be as a teenager. When it’s time to move forward with the dream that you have, finally, never let anyone other’s opinion affect your dream. Your dreams matter. Consider the subjects you like to study at the secondary level of education. It will help in choosing the right stream for Class 11.

However, when taking the first step with choosing one of the streams after the 10th, prioritise yourself and your interests over money and fame to become successful. Nothing is impossible and hard work always pays off. 

FAQs on 7 Important Tips On What to Choose After Class 10th?

1. Should I depend on the marks of Class 10th before choosing a stream?

No. Without considering your passion and preferences over a subject, you shouldn’t go for only scoring subjects or the subjects you have scored better on your boards. A brighter future always depends on your mark sheet and your passion for achieving bigger things.

2. How to choose streams after Class 10th?

There are three main streams available: Science, Arts, and Commerce. Depending on the career opportunities and interests of proceeding further, there are different types of short-term professional courses to start your career sooner than in the other engineering and medical fields.

3. Where to look for the subject combinations after 10th and career opportunities concerning them?

You can talk to your parents or teachers to gather information about how the subjects will guide you in the near future. By doing so, you should always keep in mind that, while deciding on the subject combination, the peer pressure of society or others should not become your guideline.

4. Which is the easiest stream to take after Class 10th?

The idea of tough and easy always varies with your perspective and capability. However, the Arts stream is often considered the easiest with its wide range of career opportunities.