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What is the Fee Structure of Vedantu's Online Sessions?

By Srija MahalanobishJuly 29, 2022
Last updated date: 30th Mar 2023
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Teaching is one of the noblest professions, as is popularly said. However, Vedantu aims to take the entire tradition and pattern of education and evolve the way learning and teaching processes have been passed down over the decades. Being India's leading online tutoring platform, Vedantu enables students to  learn their subjects LIVE through some of India's expert and highly qualified academicians.

With a combination of quality teachers and well-researched standard content backed by superior technology, Vedantu has been able to deliver a top-notch learning experience for students. This is evident in the outcome of the students and their satisfaction with the results. Vedantu imparts education through online LIVE interactive classes between a master teacher and a student. It offers both individual and group classes. 

Vedantu’s main motto is to ensure that access to quality education is available to even the kid staying in the remotest corner of the country. Hence, it has made different price structures, keeping in mind the affordability of children belonging to different financial backgrounds. Today, from 3 year old kids to 18 years old, all can enrol themselves in any of the wide variety of Vedantu tutoring courses.

Whether competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET, Commerce, CBSE, ICSE, and state exams such as Maharashtra boards or SuperKids courses for little ones like English Speaking, Reading and Coding, Vedantu delivers quality and impactful results and prepares students for the real world. Latest Vedantu Fee Structure for courses offered by Vedantu

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Key Features of Vedantu’s Online Teaching Sessions

If you are looking for quality education and a proper guide for your ward so that they can not only score high marks but also learn and retain what they have learnt in an interactive way, Vedantu is your best choice. Vedantu brings forth engaging content and LIVE interactive classes with personalised care to ensure that your child not only studies but learns. Here are a few reasons why Vedantu’s online sessions are impactful.

  • Study Anywhere

Your child no longer has to sit in front of the laptop or PC to attempt the classes. Even while travelling, studies are possible. All you need to do is download the Vedantu App from Google Playstore or Apple store and start your interactive learning journey.  The e-learning app comes with several quizzes, interactive tools and objective tests like V-Brainer, V-Maths, and Turbo Maths that make study sessions for kids rewarding and not boring.

  • Technology-driven Education

To reach its goal of making sure that every child has access to the top teachers in the country, irrespective of their location, Vedantu’s WAVE platform encourages students’ online engagement with the Master Teachers. WAVE 2.0 is built to explore every child’s depth of engagement amongst an entire class of hundreds of students. With this benefit at their disposal, teachers can provide just the right nudge to them at the right time. Moreover, WAVE 2.0 also consumes 40% less bandwidth than other platforms, thereby taking into account the pronounced internet issue in our country.

  • Learn From the Best

Vedantu’s teaching professionals comprise highly educated teachers with degrees from some of the prestigious institutes and universities of the country and world. They are not only an expert in their subject but know how to teach the students in an engaging way, thereby ensuring that knowledge is not restricted to rote learning.

  • Affordable and Impactful Learning

Students from Classes 1 to 12 can study from the best teachers at Vedantu, without their parents having to worry about affordability. Both long and short term courses at extremely affordable rates are offered by Vedantu along with free study materials and question papers to ensure that money shouldn’t be a hindrance in education.

Fee Structure of Vedantu’s Online Sessions

Vedantu course packages are divided into three main categories, K-12, NEET, JEE, and topic-based. Students who opt for Vedantu’s Pro subscription will get unlimited access to detailed courses and an appropriate long-term learning plan for JEE, NEET, or Board examinations. For students who are preparing for NEET or JEE, Vedantu’s full year course fee ranges from Rs 9000. With advanced features and more in-depth learning, the fee structure will vary. However, discounts are also provided from time to time. The following table provides an overview of the courses offered for some of Vedantu’s higher-level courses.


Fees for AI Live for 1 Year 

Fees for Live Pro Lite for 1 Year 

Fees for Live Pro Classic for 1 Year 

JEE Main + Advanced



51, 00





CBSE Class 12




CBSE Class 11




JEE Crash Course




NEET Crash Course




JEE/NEET Foundation Course for Class 10




CUET 2022 Science Full Course




The good news is that Vedantu is striving hard to come up with new and improved teaching methods and tools and offer affordable education without compromising on quality. Very recently, it made a groundbreaking announcement of offering classes for 10 rupees an hour. The only motive behind such a magnificent step is to fulfil every child’s ambition of making it to their dream career. Moreover, Vedantu offers various aptitude tests and rewards students with scholarships that help waive some of the course fees for courses enrolled by them.

Please Note: There could be some changes to the fee structure, so for the updated course fee or discounted rates, visit the official website of Vedantu.


Vedantu is setting new benchmarks for education every day with top teachers, high-quality study resources and modern technology. It is persevering towards achieving its mantra of #HarGharVedantu to stand apart from other Edtech ventures. 

To make sure no child is left behind when it comes to being literate, knowledgeable and a human being in the truest sense, Vedantu is striving to make learning affordable and accessible to all. For more information about the fee structure details, courses offered and demo classes, visit Vedantu’s official website today!

FAQs on What is the Fee Structure of Vedantu's Online Sessions?

1. Does Vedantu offer demo classes?

Yes, students can also opt for a seven-day free online demo session of their chosen course before paying for a subscription plan. This will help them understand the kind of learning Vedantu offers and parents can then make their decision.

2. Where will I find details about the courses offered by Vedantu?

To know which courses are offered by Vedantu at what prices, you need to simply visit their official website and explore the plethora of options available.

3. Will taking the crash courses for JEE and NEET be helpful?

Yes, crash courses are designed to ensure a speedy and comprehensive coverage of all crucial topics, questions and other tips and tricks to ace the exams. These come at really affordable prices and ensure that students go that extra mile to score brilliantly.

4. Will achieving a scholarship in VSAT help in any rebates on Vedantu courses?

Yes, based on their rank in VSAT, students will be awarded scholarships that will act as a waiver for some of Vedantu’s micro-courses.