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Toppers of Vedantu - CBSE Class 10th and 12th Result 2023

By AiswaryaMay 11, 2023
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CBSE Class 10 & 12 Results of Our Vedans

CBSE officially announced Classes 10 and 12 results on 12 May 2023. The much-anticipated results were released on the official site of CBSE. With the results, Vedantu proved its commitment to assisting students to achieve their goals. Vedantu has once again guided students to achieve extraordinary results in CBSE 10th and 12th.

More than 1000 students have secured more than 90 percent in their CBSE Class 10th board examinations. Similarly, around 500 students of Class 12 scored more than 90 percent in their board exams. It is indeed a fact that Vedantu helped its students to pass the CBSE boards examinations with flying colours. Keep reading to learn more about the extraordinary results achieved by our brilliant Vedans and know the secrets of our toppers!

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Vedantu’s Extraordinary Results

The CBSE board examinations of Classes 10 and 12 are important milestones in a student's academic career and what’s more surprising is the level of competition our toppers faced to ace the board examinations. Let us look at an overall analysis of the number of students who appeared for the CBSE board examination of Class 10 and Class 12.

More than 21 lacs students appeared for the CBSE 2023 board examination of Class 10, and more than 17 lacs students appeared for the CBSE Class 12 examination of 2023. According to the results, approximately 20 lacs students have cleared their CBSE 10th board examination, and more than 14 lacs students passed the Class 12 CBSE board examination.

Now that we have an idea of the competition let us look at the statistics of success provided by our students!

  • 751 students scored more than 90 percent in the CBSE Class 10 examination.

  • 280 students have scored more than 95 percent in the CBSE Class 10 examinations.

  • 385 students scored more than 90 percent in the Class 12 board examination of CBSE.

  • 107 students have scored more than 95 percent in the CBSE Class 12 examinations.

A Topper’s Guide To Success

We have seen the extraordinary results of our students in the board examinations; now, let us share some tips that can help you become a topper. Remember, hard work and strategic planning are the keys to success. 

Without further ado, let us look into the tips and tricks to ace your board exams.

  • Knowing your syllabus is the most crucial step. One must thoroughly understand the scope of the syllabus to do well in the 10th and 12th board exams.

  • Once you are familiar with the syllabus, categorise the topics according to the level of difficulty.

  • Make notes, and practice questions. Remember it is never too early to start your preparations.

  • Maintain a habit of revising the previously covered concepts.

  • Learn from your mistakes. Make sure you jot down your weak points and work on them.

  • Try not to overstress yourself before the test. 

  • Sometimes concentrating can be difficult, be patient with yourself. At all times, make an effort to maintain balance.

  • When learning, prioritise quality over quantity.

  • Focused study time of 6 to 7 hours daily is considered preferable.

  • One of the most important points is to have some time for relaxation. Overburdening oneself with pressure will only lead to inefficiency. 

  • Go for a walk, listen to music, and talk to your friends! Balance is everything!

What's Next After the Results are Out?

Deciding what to do next once the results are announced is one of the biggest problems that students go through. After obtaining their 10th-grade results, many students are unclear about what to do or which stream to enroll in, while Class 12 students are concerned about what to do after receiving their results. You no longer need to worry since we are here to assist you with the process. 

Mentioned below are some of the suggestions that can help you figure out what to do after you have received your results.

  • The first and foremost thing students must do is to make a digital and hard copy of their results. It might seem unnecessary but believe us, it will help you in the future.

  • Take some rest. Since these are important milestones, students are generally anxious about the preparation, exams and results. We recommend taking a small break.

  • Try to identify your interests. It is very important to evaluate your skills and areas of interest.

  • Based on your interest, choose your future career path.

  • Try developing your skill sets, having an excellent academic record is impressive, but one must never ignore their hobbies.

  • Once you are relaxed, start studying for the upcoming classes or competitive examinations.

  • After passing your exams, one of the most crucial things you should do is get ready for further education that is open for that particular subject.

This was Vedantu's CBSE 2023 Class 10th & 12th Resultsuccess story. Students who want to succeed in the CBSE Class 10th and 12th exams can take inspiration from our toppers and follow their study plans. It should go without saying that our committed teachers and our students' combined efforts enable us to accomplish such amazing results.