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Which are the Top 10 Boarding Schools in India?

By Shiwani PandeyJanuary 08, 2023
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Gone are the days when kids had to maintain a hectic schedule between home & school. But not anymore!! Now, this is the time for boarding schools where they provide not only concept-based educational programs but also run various development activities to enhance different aspects of their personality in terms of independence, decision-maker, problem-solver and many more.

Though many parents out there are hesitant to send their kids to boarding schools, it eventually helps impart quality education with inspiring life experiences they probably get in regular schools. Here we are sharing a list of the best boarding schools in India CBSE is known for providing excellent education in a friendly yet professional learning environment.

Find the List of Best Boarding Schools in India CBSE

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Know About the Best CBSE Boarding Schools in India

1. The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Founded in 1847, the school is one of the oldest co-educational schools in Asia, affiliated with CBSE and known for having diverse students. It is one of the best boarding schools in India CBSE follows unique approaches to explore students’ skills and to inculcate distinctive qualities like independence, integrity, mindfulness and commitment. The school has an area of 139 acres with an exciting tutorial system to develop practical learning.

2. Mayo College, Ajmer

It is one of the best boarding schools in India for boys, affiliated with CBSE. It provides a perfect combination of high-quality education with hints of extracurricular activities such as arts, dance, music, drama, theatre, crafts and sports etc. Founded in 1875, the school is one of the oldest & renowned colleges in the nation. The college is situated in the royal & vibrant city of Rajasthan, ie. Ajmer and known for an organised & disciplined learning environment to brush up on a child’s personality.

3. Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun

It is one of the top-rated & best boarding schools in India for girls, located in Dehradun over an area of 45 acres. Visit the schools where students will be learning amid the breathtaking views of the mountains and dense greenery. The moderate climate makes it an ideal boarding school for the kids. The school has a well-versed learning system to teach the students to think & speak with a positive mindset and impart skills like independence etc. The school won the National Excellence Award for its unique teaching approaches and is considered among the top 10 universities in India.

4. Welham Boys School, Dehradun

Among the best boarding school in India for boys, the Welham Boys school is focused on facilitating a healthy environment for students to motivate them to become responsible citizens. Since the school is located in the valley of Dehradun, making it an ideal school for kids. Spread over an area of 30 acres far away from the local hustle and bustle of the city, the students will be learning in an ideal atmosphere. The school is affiliated with CBSE and emphasises the value of sports & other cultural activities like Gymnastics, Yoga etc, equally.

5. The Asian School, Dehradun

It is one of the co-educational & best boarding schools in India, CBSE, which is affiliated with CBSE and was founded in 2000 under the Asian Educational Charitable Trust. The school has classes from Nursery to Class 12th and is known for its concept-based learning with a blend of various activities & sports. Students can participate in Badminton or Tennis or show their physical strengths in gymnastics.

6. Scindia School, Gwalior

The school was renamed from The Sardar School to its present name in 1993 by Scindia. The popular school for boys is located on the beautiful Gwalior Fort, providing mesmerising views of the city. With rich culture & royal heritage, the school is forced to develop academic skills and a positive mindset for each student. Affiliated with CBSE,  the school was affiliated in 1897 and was awarded as the 3rd best boys' school in India. The school used to provide education only to royal children but later started accepting students without discrimination.

7. Jain International Residential School, Karnataka

Founded in 1999 by the JGI Group, it is one of the best boarding schools in India CBSE is known for its excellent education system and believes in imparting intellectual skills, ethical awareness, independence and leadership. Being in the educational industry for almost two decades, the school has set the highest standards for students. The ultimate goal of the school is to develop children’s overall personalities beyond learning. In addition to the comprehensive range of programs for students in grades 4 to 12, the medium of the school is English and emphasises extracurricular activities like badminton, gymnastics etc.

8. Selaqui International School, Dehradun

It is another of the best boarding schools in India CBSE is spread over 52 acres with natural surroundings, making it an ideal setting for students. It is a co-educational school with CBSE affiliation and accepts boys and girls from Class 5th. The school was established in 2000 and offers a Humanities, Science and Commerce curriculum for 11th & 12th classes. The school believes in imparting values, excellence and leadership in students and ranks among the top international schools in Uttrakhand.

9. Chinmaya International Residential School, Tamil Nadu

With an ultimate agenda of creating responsible, independent & positive-thinking leaders in the country, the school is one of India's top 10 boarding schools. The school truel authorities believe that the nation's future wholly depends on its youth's productive capabilities. Quality and & capability come with deep learning, time management and care. The school has a CBSE affiliation and emphasises the spiritual syllabus, where the students are taught how to impart non-violence and a positive attitude.

10. St John International Residential School

The school was established as a boy's school, but later it transformed and introduced the co-educational system for students. The school is CBSE affiliated, and the school's curriculum includes several languages, including French, Tamil, Hindi, English, and Sanskrit. The students will learn a wide range of subjects, and several assessments will be organised to evaluate their learning progress.

Wrapping Up

These are a few best boarding schools in India CBSE that you can consider for your children this year. They are known for providing quality education with a strong focus on imparting practical and extracurricular activities to shine their overall personality. So, research thoroughly and make a wise decision. All The Best!!

FAQs on Which are the Top 10 Boarding Schools in India?

1. Which is the best boarding school in India?

There are several popular boarding schools in India affiliated with CBSE that are known for quality education regarding children's overall development. Go through the list mentioned above and choose accordingly.

2. What are the fees for boarding schools in the country?

The fee structure of boarding schools in India varies. It can cost between Rs. 1,70,000 per annum and Rs. 14,60,000 or more.

3. Why should parents admit their kids to boarding schools?

Boarding schools help develop important life skills in students, such as discipline, time management, punctuality, leadership etc. It teaches them to be independent, positive-thinker and self-reliant.