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How to Prepare for 10 Board Exams?

By Shiwani PandeyApril 25, 2023
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Tips and Tricks to Prepare the Best Way for 10th Class Board Exam Preparation

Class 10 boards are the first tremendous examination to appear for. The scorecard of this particular examination will be responsible for your further studies and career. Apart from the guidance of your school and tutors, you need to learn how to prepare for 10 board exams.

How to Prepare for 10 Board Exams?

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The time before the examination is crucial as it can trigger your anxiety, thinking too much about the examination, mental stress on covering and revising the syllabus, and most importantly how to score better in your exams. Dealing with all of it without hampering your preparations is very important.

Board Exam Preparation Tips for Class 10 Students

Here are some useful tips and tricks for preparing before your Class 10 boards.

1. Stay Optimistic

The preparation time comes with different types of issues like overthinking, tension, and anxiety before examinations. Staying optimistic and confident about all will go well with proper planning is the key before facing the examination hall. Don’t let imaginary situations of type of questions will scare you.

2. Make your Schedule

Apart from the school timing and going to tuition classes or taking online tuition at home, plan according to your convenience while preparing for Class 10 boards. It’s you who know the best about your strength and weaknesses in different subjects. So, proper time management on how each subject will get covered makes your preparations perfect.

3. Complete your Syllabus in Time 

While thinking about how to prepare for the 10th board exam, know that only completing the syllabus before an exam is not the goal. You should always stay ahead on completing the syllabus way before the examination so that you can properly plan to revise and solve previous years’ question papers before examinations.

4. Solve Sample Papers

Know about the patterns of the question papers before appearing. Several previous years’ question papers, along with their solution papers, are available online to look for. Doing so lets you understand which portions are most important and which parts of the syllabus need to be revised.

5. Listen to Topper’s Strategies

Everybody has their techniques for forming answer papers differently. Looking at the sample solution papers of toppers is understandably useful as it can give you an idea of which important parts you should cover while answering, which can increase your marks.

6. Try not to Focus on your Friend’s Timeline

Competitiveness is good, but everybody is different according to their capability of understanding things. While preparing for your boards, focus on yourself completely, and avoid how others are dealing with the syllabus or how much faster they are going.

7. Take Proper Breaks

One of the main 10th study tips is to take breaks anytime. If you indulge in studies all day, it will make your life more exciting and relaxed. Use your break timings to relax your mind so you can start refreshingly again and become more productive.

8. Don’t Ignore Taking Care of your Health

Focusing on your health while making preparations is important as you wouldn’t want to get sick and suffer wasting time. Eat, sleep, study, and repeat.

9. Make a Last-minute Plan

Prepare a schedule for a month before the examination so you don’t miss out on anything in the subjects. Every subject carries an equal weightage of total marks, and targeting higher marks in every subject will always pay off. Prepare a last-minute strategy to cover everything within an estimated time before your examination.

10. Appear for Mock Tests

Apart from completing the syllabus and proper revision within time, knowing about the question patterns and how to form your answer papers beforehand is important. There are several question papers available online to appear for mock tests. A broader analysis of the results of these tests can guide you to know about the weaker sections of your syllabus.

11. Stay Confident

Last but not least, one of the major 10th Class study tips is to stay confident and know that hard work has never failed anyone.

Hard Work and Preparation Tips for Class 10 Board Exams

Your parents, teachers, and friends will always be there to help you while making preparations, but you will enter the examination centre and appear for the examination. Keep your preparations on point and know all the tips for preparing for the 10th board exam. Give your best during this time of your academic career as the scorecard is important to decide which way you will go with further studies.

Even though recent eligibility criteria for Choosing Class 11 subjects are not entirely dependent on Class 10 boards marks, deciding on the subjects you want to study further will require a decent percentage.

FAQs on How to Prepare for 10 Board Exams?

1. How can I achieve full marks in Class 10 boards?

Better time management, proper revision, knowing the question patterns by appearing on mock tests, and following NCERT textbooks are useful Class 10th study tips to score full marks on your boards.

2. What are the not-so-important things to remember while preparing for the 10th board?

Everybody out there will help you by giving tips on how to score higher, how to complete your syllabus, how to manage time etc., but there are some things you should keep in mind before examinations. Don’t get scared and avoid some parts of the syllabus because it seems tough. Don’t think there is enough time to study and lag. Also, try not to get sick by thinking too much.

3. How much time is sufficient for revision before the Class 10 boards?

It depends on your credibility in completing your syllabus. If you are a slow learner, you may need more time to have clear concepts than a steady learner. Try not to go by your friend’s time to complete the syllabus. However, the month before the Class 10 board examination may seem enough to revise. 

4. Is the Class 10 Board examination tough?

This particular question is answerable only by your position on the level of preparation. If you are well prepared with knowing all types of question patterns used to formulate exam papers, you will find the exam easier. Prepare well and gain command of the subjects.